Bigg Boss 17 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Isha, Sana, Manasvi, Samarth & Arun are nominated

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Day 16
8 AM
The contestants wake up to BB anthem, they all dance to it.

8:45 AM
Abhishek calls Navid his baby and says I had a dream in which you were massaging my back on a beach. Navid says wow.

9 AM
Arun tells Manasvi that they have to run to cook. Bigg Boss says the kitchen is open so they all run to cook.

10:15 AM
Samarth tells Arun that we didn’t cook properly. He tells Manasvi that she can’t cook properly so she shouldn’t try to cook. Arun asks him to calm down.

Ankita tells Munawar that Vicky has thing of poking around everywhere. Munawar says he wants to be involved in every matter. Ankita says when we fight at home, I just want him to stop his lectures, he gives such a long speech.

Samarth fights with Manasvi and says you don’t know how to cook. Manasvi says don’t get personal. He says you are a fool. Arun says let us cook first, we can fight later.

12 PM
Neil tells Sana that Vicky and Ankita must have plotted all this, its all a plan that Vicky won’t spend time with Ankita and then they would fight in the house.

All are sitting together. Samarth says a poetry that if you love someone then you won’t disrespect them. Abhishek hears that.

Arun starts a fake show with Tehelka and calls him a dog. Arun says you are not doing much in the house. Tehelka jokes with him.

2 PM
Navi is trying to hang his blanket on the wall. Samarth picks him up and others laugh.

2:30 PM
The screen shows a message.

Isha tells Aishwarya that she went to take a shower and you came to ask me to clean the stove, can’t you do it once? Aishwarya says I just asked you.

Abhishek is holding Khanzaadi’s hand, Navid says she is mine. Abhishek says she is mine. Navid says you can have us both.

Ankita tells Isha to calm down. Isha says you could have asked Abhishek and Vicky to clean the stove. Ankita says I need to talk to them.

3 PM
Mannara and Munawar joke around.

Vicky tells Khanzaadi that its easy to use Mannara in the game. He tells Abhishek that I can’t use Khanzaadi in the game because he has a connection with her but he can use Mannara in the game, that gives her the attention. She has nothing to talk about.

Mannara tells Munawar that Vicky told Anurag that when he talks to me then other people gossip about us both. Munawar says he is filling Khanzaadi’s ears now. You were right that he provokes others. Munawar lies on the floor and mops it. Mannara laughs at him.

Vicky tells Abhishek that Isha is being seen because of you only. If you stop talking to her then she won’t be able to enjoy with Samarth. You give her attention and then she goes to Samarth to talk about it. If you stop talking to her for a day or two then she will come running to you, that will be the biggest twisting point. Abhishek says please praise me for being a nicer person. Vicky says you have won my heart.

4:30 PM
Tehelka asks Navid if he wants his diamond underwear? Navid asks if its clean? Tehelka says it lights up too. Navid laughs and brags about his shoes price. Tehelka says my father has a money machine.

Ankita tells Vicky to not get Isha involved in all this. Vicky says I want to have a bond with everyone, they have one point and we have to keep it in our grasp.

5:15 PM
Khanzaadi and Abhishek lie together in the garden. He says my perspective about you has changed. She says we didn’t talk much before. Abhishek says because you were busy with others. Khanzaadi says when you talk to me then I feel like Isha doesn’t like it. Abhishek says I felt the same. She asks if he liked someone else after Isha? He says I had flings. She asks what kind of a girl you want? Abhishek says I can’t share my girl with anyone else, if she is mine then only I have a right on her. Khanzaadi says I am like that, I want transparency in my relationship, I want two bodies, one soul.

5:30 PM
Mannara dances around with tehelka. Ankita tells Abhishek that I am not able to connect with Isha these days, something is off with her. She says I feel Abhishek is real but I don’t know Isha’s real side now.

Anurag tells Tehelka that some people are hiding in the groups. We have to stand together.

7:00 PM
Isha is talking about Samarth. Bigg Boss tells everyone that Isha rejected Samarth as her boyfriend and then accepted it. This is old news, I want you all to come to the activity area.

Bigg Boss tells the contestants that we will see who is Vicky’s favorite now.

7:30 PM
The contestants come to the activity area. Bigg Boss says some spiders are harmless, they don’t care what’s going on around them. Other spiders are filmy which can make humans into a superhuman. The third type of a spider is a hunting spider. We have that hunting spider and you all have an opportunity today as its about nominations. He says Vicky has a chance to nominate again and then give lectures to them. He says I am starting the nominations. You all have to choose 2 contestants to nominate and then put spider web on their faces.

Khanzaadi: She nominates Arun for misbehaving and then nominates Mannara from game perspective, she apologizes to her. Bigg Boss says Vicky must have taught her. Khanzaadi says I am not able to understand Mannara.
Anurag: He nominates Sana as he can’t trust her. He nominates Manasvi as she is not able to add any spice to the show, I was disappointed. Like Samarth did something new but she didn’t do anything. Bigg Boss says you wanted over-acting from her too? All laugh. Manasvi says you have started a war, I respected you so much but you did this with me. You are a loser. She shouts at him for being disrespectful. To hell with you. Anurag says I nominated you so what? Manasvi says I am dominating your house and the kitchen so you are jealous.
Jigna: She nominates Sana for being aggressive last week and then she went back to her shell after getting saved. Sana says don’t call me your daughter if you want to nominate me. Jigna nominates Khanzaadi. She says I am just scared of spiderweb. Jigna says there is nothing personal but she fights too much. Abhishek calls her cute.
Manasvi: She nominates Samarth for calling her names because I did a bold scene in a movie, he said it in a demeaning way. She nominates Isha because I had an argument with her. I think Samarth and Isha should be in temptation Island and not here.
Aishwarya: She nominates Vicky for misbehaving with her. She nominates Arun for not interacting with others.
Mannara: She nominates Isha and apologizes to her. Isha says don’t be diplomatic. Mannara says I tried to have a connection with Ankita and Isha didn’t like that. She nominates Samarth, she says I have a good connection with Abhishek and he is talented so I am doing this to encourage him.
Navid: He nominates Arun as he is sleeping mostly. He nominates Tehelka as he is not connected to him much.
Arun: He nominates Samarth because I thought he would fight with Abhishek but then he is seen being friendly with him. He nominates Sana as she seems to back to her shell. Sana says don’t call me sister from now on.
Ankita: She nominates Sana and says I don’t think she deserves to be here. Sana says you are no one to tell others if they are deserving or not. Ankita says I will say what I want. Sana says it shows your personality when you talk about who is deserving and not. Ankita says I feel you are not deserving so what? Sana says you character assassinate Mannara and now giving verdict on me? this shows your real character. Ankita says go and cry to Vicky, then you will talk behind his back. You are not loyal to anyone. Bigg Boss says I am worried about Vicky now. All laugh. Abhishek whispers to Vicky so Bigg Boss asks what did you say? Abhishek says I said to not console others (Sana). Ankita nominates Rinku as she doesn’t have a bond with her.
Neil: He nominates Vicky and says I am unable to trust him. He nominates Sana as he can’t trust her. Sana says so do I, I respect him as at least he is not fake. My eyes are open now, Jigna calls herself my mother and then nominated me so at least Neil is better because he never lied to me.
Rinku: She nominates Isha for being down when Abhishek is down. She nominates Samarth as he called her backbiter. Isha says I agree with him. Bigg Boss says we didn’t ask you Isha. Samarth says we heard Rinku talking behind our backs.
Munawar: He nominates Isha because I think she has double-standards, she seems lost in the game these days. Isha says Munawar has more double-standards, he can’t talk on the faces and gets scared. Munawar says I speak the truth whenever I want. Munawar nominates Arun for playing too safe. I am a bit disappointed.

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9 PM
Abhishek: He nominates Samarth because his game is just around me, he keeps talking about our past and not getting involved in the game. He nominates Sana because her involvement in the game is less.
Vicky: He nominates Aishwarya as she misbehaved with me for no reason. She says you started it. Vicky nominates Sana. All boo at it. Sana says I knew it, this shows reality of this couple, at least I came here alone. Vicky says I wanted to nominate Neil because he fought with me for no reason. He shouldn’t have to take a stand for his spouse every time as Aishwarya can be wrong sometimes. I think he thinks Aishwarya is weak and can’t fight her battles. Neil says don’t tell me what I should do for my spouse or not. Don’t say my words back to me. Aishwarya says he is weak. Ankita asks them to calm down. Vicky shouts at them too. Aishwarya tells Vicky to give lectures to others and not her. Neil shouts how dare you call my wife weak? Ankita asks Neil to calm down. Neil says he started it. Vicky charges at Neil. Aishwarya asks Vicky to get lost. Sana says this man (Vicky) is manipulative. He said Isha and I are his top priority but look at him today. Aishwarya says he is two-faced. Neil says don’t talk about my wife. Vicky says you fight for no reason. Ankita tells Vicky to give reason for nominating Sana. Sana says don’t talk as its not your time. Vicky tells Sana that you shouldn’t have character assassinated my wife. Sana says she called me non-deserving but at least I am here because of my own identity unlike Vicky. I didn’t bring my husband as a moral support. Ankita says you keep blabbering.
Samarth: He nominates Arun because he doesn’t interact much with others. He nominates Manasvi because she keeps fighting with me no reason. Abhishek interrupts by talking to others. He says at least let me talk. Samarth says I was not demeaning her, I am sorry for that. Bigg Boss asks him to take deep breaths. Manasvi says he must have had to take deep breaths after watching my movie scene. Ankita says he didn’t mean that.
Sana: She nominates Anurag for being dominating in the kitchen. She nominates Vicky and says my eyes are open now. Ankita tells Vicky to see what’s happening now. Sana says shut up, its not about you. Sana says Vicky manipulates people but we have brains too. He even tried to give me tips too. He even uses his wife in the game.
Tehelka: He nominates Sana and says you broke my trust, you have hurt me. He nominates Samarth as he entered the house with a bang, he cursed so much which isn’t right. Isha agrees with him. Abhishek apologizes for cursing back.
Isha: She nominates Mannara as she goes back on her words. Mannara says she is an insecure woman. She acts like an innocent baby but she is not. She nominates Manasvi as I couldn’t interact with her much.

Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates are Sana, Arun, Samarth and Isha. He says there is still the last step to this as the house no. 2 has a final say. They can nominate one more inmate. They all discuss and agree to nominate Manasvi. Munawar says she didn’t do much in the show so we want her to wake up.

Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates are Sana, Arun, Samarth, Isha and Manasvi.

Ankita tells Jigna that Sana took so many advices from Vicky but look at what Sana said about him.

Manasvi tells Munawar that I kept talking to Anurag, I gave him so much confidence and he nominated. Munawar asks her to calm down.

Arun says I will throw cups in the pool if I see them not washed. Tehelka throws cup in the pool in anger. Arun says we will keep throwing them in the pool. Abhishek says don’t do this. Tehelka says we won’t sleep now.

Manasvi writes ‘Anurag is a traitor’ on the mirror with her lipstick.

Ankita tells Vicky that I didn’t like Aishwarya arguing with you. Vicky says I don’t want to solve it anymore. Ankita says don’t do it.

Isha tells Vicky that Abhishek is a big gamer, I like that Samarth didn’t nominate him. Munawar jokes with me all the time but then he nominated me. He didn’t even give me a hint that he had issues with me.

Mannara tells Khanzaadi and Sana that Isha is fake and her relationship is fake too.

Manasvi calls Anurag as a traitor. He laughs and leaves.

10:30 PM
Aishwarya tells Ankita that I don’t like jokes on my marriage. Neil says we didn’t want to fight with him. Ankita says Vicky didn’t like that Neil attacked him. Neil says I will talk to him. Ankita says take your time and then talk to him when you want to. Neil says okay. Aishwarya says I don’t have an issue with you. She says I know that and leaves. Aishwarya tells Neil that I don’t want to talk to Vicky. Neil says just do what you want. Aishwarya says you can talk to him but I won’t.

10:45 PM
Bigg Boss tells house no. 2 that its their responsibility to make sure everyone follows the rules. An idiot tried to interrupt the shooting of the show. Anurag’s name is written on the mirrors in the house. Manasvi says it was me. Bigg Boss says the mirrors are a way to shoot the show and this is totally against the rules of the show. Manasvi goes to wipe it but Bigg Boss says don’t do anything now, it can damage the property. Anurag says she is so cheap. Manasvi says I am sorry Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says I will get you all to pay back for this. Manasvi apologizes to BB.

11 PM
Ankita teases Sana by calling Vicky as her baby. Sana says don’t talk about who deserves to be here and not. You are doing all this for footage, you brought your husband as a support system.

11:30 PM
Isha tells Sana that Vicky kept backbiting about you from before. Sana says he is very smart in the game. He even said that Isha’s game is finished now. Isha says I will go and confront him. She goes from there.

Isha comes to Vicky and asked if he told Sana that Isha’s game is finished because Abhishek is playing his solo game. Vicky says you think I can say that? I never said something like that. Isha says I will bring Sana and ask her. I wanted to clarify things with you because I have a good connection with you. Vicky says I don’t want to talk to Sana right now, I don’t want to give her footage. Isha says why are you not confronting her? it means you said it? Vicky says fine.. I said it. Isha says okay and leaves.

Munawar tells Ankita that I have noticed about Isha that she lies too much. She fools people by shouting. Ankita agrees.

1 AM
Khanzaadi tells Sana that she has to move on from Vicky. Sana says he started all this.

Jigna tells Mannara that Vicky and Isha’s bond is going to break soon. Mannara says Ankita is already not liking Isha much. Munawar says I talked with Ankita about Isha today and she agreed. Mannara says Ankita will now realize what I was trying to tell her from the 1st week.

PRECAP – In the 1st task, Bigg Boss scolds them for not listening to him. He asks them to start the task without giving them instructions. The alarm rings and they all run to get items from storeroom. Neil and Munawar fight so Bigg Boss stops the task. s