Dabangii 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Satya traps Arya

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The Episode starts with Yug and Arya arguing. Satya comes and scolds Arya. He says I m tolerating this drama because I need Yug, just do a drama in front of the people as good husband and wife, okay. Arya is on call She tells Ankush that she is ready for everything. Kasturi asks Satya why don’t you give money to Arya and send her off. Satya says not everyone take the bribe, Arya didn’t come here for money, her game is big, there would be some story, I will find it out. Arya unpacks the bag. Yug looks on. She arranges the clothes in the cupboard. He throws the clothes away. They fall on the bed. She thinks I feel bad for him. He says I don’t know what you want, I don’t care, you don’t know you are stuck, Satya can kill you, they are dangerous. She says you are my love, we are married, I won’t give up. He says I m your love, you love me. She says yes. He hits his hand on the cupboard. She says you got hurt. He says you know what’s pain, don’t play with your life, you will get out of this house. Satya comes there. Arya says no, I won’t go from here. He makes a video for Inspector. Yug says stop it. She asks Satya to come in. She says you have come to threaten me. Satya asks Yug what were you telling her about me. Ankush sees Satya’s pic and says you are cunning since childhood, I will finish you. Yug says I was telling her to leave from here. Satya says she won’t go. He acts good.

Yug thinks Satya is trapping her. Arya thinks I know Satya is acting. Satya says stay well, its your house. He asks Yug to take care of his wife. He goes. Yug goes to Satya and says I understood everything, you have a plan to deal with this girl, tell me, how can I help you. He thinks tell me your plan. Arya talks to Ankush on call. Ankush asks her to find out. Satya says I wish to use this gun, you have much tension of police, media, Zai and Arya, you let it be, I will handle this matter, you just focus on her. Yug gets Ankita’s call. She asks what’s going on, how could you marry Arya, I thought you will settle with Zai. He says that girl is framing me. She says I want to know everything about her, who is she and what does she want, do it now, this is an order. Yug sees Arya’s pic and says its too much, this girl will die or get me killed, I have to do something. Kasturi gets a gift for Arya. She also acts good. She asks Arya to have sweets. Arya thinks I can’t trust her. Kasturi insists her to eat. Yug comes and stops Kasturi. He says this girl doesn’t deserve your love. He drops the bowl and says I m sorry, I will get this cleaned. Kasturi picks the bowl. Arya thinks Yug didn’t want me to eat this kheer. Kasturi says yes, you both clear your talks first. She goes.

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Yug says you love me a lot, right. Arya says yes, but I can’t give you a proof. He says you will give a proof right away. He holds her close. She asks did you go mad. He says we are husband and wife, why are you tense, we are married, its our suhaagraat today, right, show me how much you love me. Arya gets away. Yug says you are my wife, I have a right on you, we will unite today. She says leave me, get away. He says no, you will become mine today. He holds her close. He thinks you idiot, tell me the truth, who are you and why are you doing this. She pushes him and asks what are you doing, Ekya, did you get mad. He gets shocked. She thinks what did I do, Ankush made me promise that I won’t let my identity come out in front of Yug. Yug says you called me Ekya.

Satya says this girl has come with some motive. He leaves. Arya asks where is Satya going. She follows him. Satya goes to the lodge. Ankush points the gun at the door.