Bhagya Lakshmi 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Lakshmi sense each other’s presence

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The episode starts with Malishka telling Kiran that she saw Lakshmi in the mall. Kiran drops the glass shocked. Mukesh comes there and says he will clean. Neelam and Dadi come there. Dadi asks Mukesh to clean it fast. Neelam asks Kiran if she is stressed about something. Kiran says no, she was stuck in traffic for an hour. She asks Malishka about Rishi and she waits for Rohan. Dadi asks her to wait for some more time. Neelam says last moment of waiting makes the person restless and I can’t have patience. Malishka says I am feeling the same, until then I will freshen up. Rohan asks Lakshmi if she had come here to City before. Lakshmi says no. She feels sorry for lying. Trustee calls lakshmi and says hello teacher. Lakshmi says hello. Trustee asks if you picked Paro. She says no, I will pick Paro from Rohan’s home. He says I have good news for you and says your program is praised reached the education dept and one officer is coming here to meet you. Lakshmi says I am going to take Rohan to his home. Trustee says I will ask Rishi to bring Paro here. Lakshmi says ok. She didn’t notice that he called Mr. Oberoi as Rishi. Trustee thanks her.

Paro calls Lakshmi and tells that she is in Dad’s office, and tells that his office is more bigger than his house. She asks her to come there. Lakshmi says they have to go to Rohan’s school and asks her to come there. Rishi gets trustee’s call and he asks him to come there. He asks Paro to come. He gets Lakshmi’s message that trustee called her to school, will meet there. Rishi says ok and asks Paro to come. Malishka thinks to tell everything to Kiran. Rohan and Lakshmi’s cab stops due to the religious procession. Rohan says they can go by walk as school is near. Rishi comes there with Paro. They all get down and starts walking. Kiran worries for Malishka.

Rishi and Lakshmi sense each other’s presence there, but they don’t see each other’s faces. They throw the flower petals on the God’s idol. The gulaal falls on Lakshmi. Rohan says God wants gulaal on your face.

Kiran is worried for Malishka. Malishka says it is not a big thing and asks her to drink water. Kiran asks her to tell what happened? She says her BP has shot up. Malishka says nothing will happen to you, but promise that you will not get worried. She says she thought that she saw Lakshmi, but she was not Lakshmi, as she was dead. She says how can anyone come back from death, and says I assumed some other girl to be Lakshmi. She says it was my illusion and not reality. Kiran asks are you sure? Malishka says she is dead. Kiran says yes. Malishka says my son Rohan is coming so I am happy and asks her not to worry and don’t take tension. Kiran nods her head.

Rishi-and Lakshmi are walking with the people. He thinks why he is feeling Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks why I am sensing Rishi. They come beside each other. Their hands get touched and they feel the spark. They are about to see each other, when someone throws flower petals on them. They miss seeing each other. The officer comes and asks Trustee if she has come. Trustee says no. Paro cries and calls Dad. Rishi runs behind and hugs her. Rohan and Lakshmi come to the school. She comes to the trustee’s cabin. The officer meets Lakshmi and asks her to sit. He says dept is happy about your program and wants to take it forward. Lakshmi says it is really a good thing. He asks about her planning about the program. Lakshmi tells her plan. Trustee says can we go to Principal’s room.

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Dadi asks Shalu to drink tea. Shalu says I will do the calculation, will send Lakshmi di and then will drink. Dadi says she had drank the previous tea. Trustee takes officer and Lakshmi to the principal’s room. Rohan goes to side to sit. Rishi and Paro come there. Peon informs that Teacher is in Principal’s cabin. Shalu says this time they got the real value of their grains. The ladies come there and tell that they felt bad hearing what happened with Lakshmi teacher and that’s why they have called Panchayat. Shalu says Di is not here. Another lady says we have kept it tomorrow. Shalu thinks what they are going to do?

Rishi comes to Principal’s cabin with Paro. Rohan hugs Rishi and then he hugs Paro. Rishi asks where is teacher? Trustee says she is in the conference hall with educational dept officer for the meeting and will come here.

Karishma is writing on the gift cards. Dadi says you are writing with your hands. Karishma asks her to have medicine. Neelam comes there and says she is restless, and says Rishi might leave him there. Dadi says don’t be impatient and says I am thinking to meet Paro’s mother. Karishma says so that we can teach a lesson to her. Dadi says she wanted to thank her and says she kept Rohan so nicely that he stayed there for many days. Karishma says may be she kept him for some greed. Dadi asks if she asked anything. Karishma says she will ask Rishi. Neelam asks Karishma to call Rishi. Rishi and trustee see Rohan and Paro talking. Trustee says it seems that they are like longlost sister and brother. Rishi says they are sister and brother and smiles looking at them.

Precap: Rohan tells Lakshmi that he will miss her very much. Lakshmi runs to him and hugs him crying. She tells Paro that she felt as if she has old relation with him. Paro asks if Rohan’s Dad and I have some relation. Neelam asks Malishka if she has made all the arrangements to welcome Rohan. Rishi asks about lakshmi teacher. Rohan says she came and went. Rishi says I will go and see her, she must be outside. He runs. Rohan prays to God to make dad and teacher meet. Lakshmi makes Paro sit in the auto and she also sits. Rishi comes there.