Shrimad Ramayan 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Jatayu tells Ram about Raavan

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The Episode starts with Raavan’s chariot forming back. Raavan takes Sita there. Jatayu stops him and says we aren’t against Dharm, you told me your secret, my strength and weakness are in my wings. Raavan says you are innocent, you heard my lie and told your truth. He flies the chariot. Jatayu follows him. Ram and Laxman see the features and blood marks. Raavan says you are fool to get trapped, get ready to die. Sita worries for Jatayu. Raavan cuts Jatayu’s wing. Jatayu falls down in the jungle. Sita shouts Jatayu.

She cries and says Raavan, Ram will come to end you and your sins. Raavan says cheat is also a battle plan, I m taking you to Lanka, you have become mine forever, from now, Raavan is your Ram. She gets angry. Ram and Laxman see the broken wing. Ram says I think some devil has taken a bird’s avatar, I will not leave him. They see Jatayu lying injured. Jatayu calls out Ram. They run to him. They worry and ask Jatayu to get up. Raavan says it will be good that you forget the past and hold the present. She says Ram will come to find me and free me from you. He says you are innocent, Sita. She pushes him. He says Ram will surely come to find you, he will die in pain of separation, he will fail to find you, you and this world will forget his name. Sita says Ram will come. Ram asks Jatayu who has attacked him. Jatayu says you have come, Ram, I tried to save Sita, but I couldn’t succeed in stopping him, he took Sita. Ram asks who took my Sita. Jatayu gets fainting. Ram asks Laxman to get herbs and water for Jatayu.

Sita says bravery is seen in deeds, not words, if you think you are brave, why are you showing bravery to me, why are you scared to face Ram, go and battle with him then you will know who he is. He asks why was Ram silent when Shurpnakha’s nose got cut, I m not kidnapping you, but arranged a shameless death for Ram. She says Ram will find me anyhow. Ram feeds water to Jatayu and asks him to say, who took Sita, who kidnapped her. Jatayu says Raavan. Ram and Laxman are shocked.

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Jatayu says Sita has struggled a lot, she was in much pain, she was just having faith, Ram will come to protect her, don’t waste time here, go and protect her, just you can get her back. Ram cries. He asks where did Raavan take her. Jatayu guides him. Sita tears her saree cloth and keeps the jewellery. Raavan thinks Ram can never reach us now. Sita ties the jewellery In the cloth and throws it down. Vanars get the jewellery. They see the chariot flying. Ram says you have done your duty, you are like our dad, I will do a son’s duty now, I swear that I will find out Raavan, and take revenge for your sacrifice and Sita’s kidnapping. Jatayu says I can go peacefully now, permit me to leave. Ram says don’t tell dad that Sita got kidnapped, its my request, he will be hurt, I promise you, Raavan and his army will apologize to Dasharath. Jatayu dies. Ram and Laxman greet him and cry. Ram asks Laxman to get Chandan woods, they will do Jatayu’s final rites. Laxman nods. Hanuman says Bali has kept Roma captive, she is in pain. Sugreev says don’t know when will Bali’s sins end. The vanars come there and show the jewellery. Sugreev asks what’s this. Hanuman looks on. The vanar says this fell from the sky, we saw a devil taking a woman in the chariot, she was throwing it. Sugreev says just Raavan has the chariot, he has crossed limits by kidnapping a helpless woman, don’t know how long will the world tolerate the sinners. Hanuman says Ram will come and free the world from such evil men.

Raavan gets Sita to Lanka. Ram asks a mountain about Sita.