Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update

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Bhagya Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malishka seeing Lakshmi talking to the driver, but she doesn’t see her face. Neelam asks Anushka what she is doing? Anushka says she was checking Rohan’s car’s battery. Dadi comes there and is about to slip, but handles herself. She says it is good that the prasad didnt fall down. Neelam says it is good, and says good thing have happened in the house, since that inauspicious Lakshmi left, what could be more good than this. Dadi feels that something good is going to happen. Malishka comes to the taxi, but Lakshmi is already gone from there. She thinks where did Lakshmi go, this can’t happen, she can’t be Lakshmi, and can’t return. She wonders who was she and drinks water.

Rishi asks Paro, if she wants to go somewhere or have anything. Paro says she has seen his home and now will see his office. She pretends to talk like Rishi and pretends to check the file. She pretends to scold him and asks if he scolds this way. Rishi says no, I don’t scold anyone unreasonably. He laughs.

MNalishka thinks to park the car and go inside the mall. She is about to drive and hit someone, when the biker asks what happened. Malishka says sorry. She gets down from her car and thinks if she was Lakshmi or her lookalike. Rohan and Lakshmi come inside the mall. He talks to the mall manager/owner and says his dad will give him money. The guy says it ok and asks him to go and get whatever he wants to have. Lakshmi says she don’t want to have any gifts. Rohan asks her to come. Malishka thinks this shop is costly, Lakshmi will not come here. The manager asks Malishka what she would like to have. Malishka says nothing. She goes. The Manager asks Rohan to take gift for his collection and send him to suit collection. Malishka comes back and asks about the suit collection. He tells her.

Rishi takes Paro to the office and makes her sit on the rotating chair. Ayush comes there. He says he has come else his challenge will not be completed. Paro says he did good. Avinash comes there. Paro calls him Dadu and says she is going today. He asks her to come again. Ayush asks her to eat something. Lakshmi goes to try the dress. Rohan sits there. Malishka comes to the trial room waiting for Lakshmi to come. A guy comes and says his girlfriend is inside the trial room. Malishka says she is waiting for her friend. He says may be she went to the other trial room that side. Malishka goes. The guy’s girlfriend comes from other way and tells that she had changed long back. Lakshmi comes out and looks for Rohan. She asks the salesgirl. The salesgirl signs her that he is there. Lakshmi scares Rohan teasingly. Malishka thinks if she was Lakshmi. A lady asks Lakshmi to help her select the saree. She thinks may be she is my illusion. Lakshmi shows saree to the lady. Malishka doesn’t see Lakshmi. She then sees someone wearing similar clothes like Lakshmi and goes to her.

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Paro says her stomach is full and it seems she is getting sleep. Rishi asks if she don’t want to go. Avinash tells that nobody can lose over her. Paro says only once Maa loses from her, when she asks her about her Dad, Maa says that he went far. She gets sad talking about her dad. Rishi says your dad will come soon and asks her not to get sad, and says he will call her mom. Malishka calls the lady as Lakshmi, but she is someone else. She relaxes and takes water. She thinks the dead person never returns. The old lady appreciates Lakshmi for her choice. Malishka leaves. She says Lakshmi will never snatch her Rishi from her. lakshmi also takes the shopping bag and leaves. Ayush asks Paro to remember her chachu, and asks Maa to call him. Paro says ok. Avinash also goes. Paro asks Rishi to call Maa. Kiran comes home. Malishka says so many gifts. She tells Kiran that she had seen Lakshmi in the mall. Kiran leaves the glass from her hand. Neelam looks on.

Precap: Trustee calls Rishi to school. Malishka tells Kiran that she has seen Lakshmi. dadi says it would be good if they meet the teacher. Lakshmi and Rishi are walking with the crowd and their hands touches each other’s hand and they feel the current.