Chand Jalne Laga 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Tara finds out about Deva

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Chand Jalne Laga 22nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Deva and Tara looking at each other. Tara thinks what did Mr. Malik had told me, I didn’t remember well. Deva also thinks the same. They got sit on their respective stretchers. Ananya asks Doctor to see her. Doctor asks Ananya to come with him. Deva looks at Badshah and hugs and kisses it. Duggal’s wife comes to Tara and asks if she is fine? Tara says yes. Duggal’s wife thanks Tara for helping her. Tara says God sends good persons for help. Duggal’s wife asks her to take care and leaves. Ananya comes to Tara and says everything is fine. Deva goes out with Badshah and Vasant kaka. Tara and Ananya come out. Tara sees Deva caring for Badshah. She thanks him for saving her life. Deva says even you have saved my life, thank you Tara Maam. He asks do you want to say anything. She says I was thinking about our conversation and asks do you remember? She says she felt that they had talked about something important. Deva says even I don’t remember. Ananya says we shall go home.

Tara and Ananya sit in the car, while Deva goes with Badshah in the truck. Tara recalls Deva protecting Badshah and loving it. She recalls his words and says why Mr. Malik has so much affection towards Badshah. Deva thinks of Tara’s words that she cares for Badshah, and they will free Badshah together. He looks at Tara’s photos and calls her, and then disconnects the call. Tara tells Ananya that she has forgotten everything. Ananya says you both were about to die in freezer and came out of death, and tells that you will not remember what had happened. Tara asks what is Mr. Malik’s first name. Ananya says we shall guess and says Raj/Rahul. Tara says anything. Ananya asks what happened in freezer that you want to know his name. Tara says nothing, she just wants to know his name. Ananya asks her to call him and ask. Tara says his name will be on the contract file. Ananya says it must be on the table. Tara sees his missed call and calls him. She asks if you called me? Deva says no by mistake. He says he called to ask about the file. Tara recollects and asks him to search in glass house drawer. Badshah neighs. She asks if Badshah is in the glass house. Deva says no, and says Badshah is calling me as it is hungry. He asks her, if she reached home. She says no and asks him to take care of his injury. He asks her to wear socks and have honey in warm water before sleeping to keep warm.

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He says you might be feeling cold in freezer. Tara says even you was stuck there. Deva says I am habitual to bear cold and asks her to wear socks, and have honey and lemon in warm water. Tara says she is fine. Deva asks if she is having problem. Tara asks him why he is angry. Deva says ok don’t wear socks and don’t drink warm water, and ends the call. He cuts the call. Ananya laughs asking Tara why she didn’t ask him about his first name.

They come home. Soni acts to be concerned for Tara, and says Ananya told me that Palash has kept you in freezer. She covers her with shawl and tells her that she will make everything fine. Sartaj gets worried. Balraj comes out of his room to call Tara, and inform her about the gun powder, but Sartaj takes him away from there. Tara hears him, turns back, but doesn’t see him. Soni asks Tara to go to her room and says she will send gun powder for her. She tells Sartaj to increase Balraj’s injection dose so that he don’t get up before black Diwali.

Deva thinks what had happened to him, he don’t remember. He says whenever she comes infront of me, my heart beat increases and this has not happened before, and I will not let this happen. He says I will not forget that she is my enemy and I have to take my revenge from him. he asks Badshah if it is hearing him. Just then he sees Badshah going to Mare. He says this was remaining now.

Tara comes to the study room and searches for the contract file. She gets it and checks Malik’s name. She finds it to be Dev, and gets shocked. She then gets happy and emotional and says Dev…..Ananya brings lemon water with honey and asks her to drink it. Tara cries. Ananya says she got this shawl for her. Tara says it is Deva’s shawl. She talks to vasant kaka and asks did you see Deva’s body after juvenile home had collapsed. Vasant says he saw his body, but didn’t see his face as all the kids faces was damaged. He says the bodies were identified with their stuff and says Deva’s stuff was given to him. Tara says Mr. Malik is my Deva and gets hopeful.

Episode ends.