Dabangii 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arya saves Kasturi

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The Episode starts with Arya thinking I won’t let Kasturi sit on the CM chair. Yug stares at Satya and thinks this relation will ruin you, Satya, I will enter this house and get your secrets, I will expose your illegal businesses. Satya looks at him and says you are in a deep thought, did you change your decision. Yug says no, I m nervous about engagement, I have role model like you both. Kasturi smiles. Satya says this journey is tough and long. She says if life partner is along then journey gets easy, Satya has always kept me as his queen and now he is making me CM. Arya looks for Bela. She thinks they have made Maina a maid. Zai comes and says we will start engagement. Satya turns. Jaanrao worries. Yug recalls Ankita’s words. He proposes Zai. He says I love you. Zai and everyone smile.

Yug and Zai exchange the rings. Arya signs Jaanrao. He shoots. Arya faints. The people shout and try to run. Satya shouts close the door. Arya signs Jaanrao to go. Kasturi asks Arya to get up. She asks are you fine. She says you saved my life and took the bullet, thanks. Arya thinks of her plan. Arya thinks everything happened as per the plan. Bela comes screaming. Yug follows Jaanrao. He asks the men to find that man. Jaanrao hides behind a car. The guests talk about Bela.

Maina says she is scared of bullet sound. The lady says Bela has lost her mental balance. Zai asks someone to take Bela. Arya hugs Bela and calms her down. Zai says you ruined my life and now my engagement also. She scolds Bela. Jaanrao recalls Bela. He thinks I couldn’t see you and meet you. He feels sad. He says Satya has troubled Maina and Bela, he has to pay a price, Arya, be strong, fulfill your motive for Maina, Bela and my sake. Satya apologizes to everyone and asks them to leave. Zai asks them to send away Bela. She says I can’t deal with the bad vibes. Arya says ill-mannered. Zai shouts on Arya and Bela. Satya and Kasturi thank Arya for saving Kasturi’s life. He asks what’s your name, look up and answer. Arya gets scared. Satya asks what happened. She says I m from catering team. He says you look from a good family. Arya says I m from a poor family and do part time jobs. Zai insults her and asks who are you. Arya thinks you will be shocked when you know who I m. She says I m trying to help Kasturi, she is like my mum. Satya says your wound isn’t deep, you are lucky, the bullet just touched you. He asks Kasturi are you okay. She nods. He says whoever did this will get caught. Yug comes home and sees Arya. He says you… what are you doing here. Zai asks how do you know each other, she is a part-time waitress. He asks what rubbish, she isn’t a waitress. Zai asks who is she then. Yug says she is the same girl who broke my car’s glass. Arya argues. She says I m Ayrah. Kasturi says she came to save me. Yug asks Arya how does she know about the bullet shot at Kasturi. Zai says we didn’t see anything. Arya clarifies. She asks Kasturi why is she getting questioned. She says I was just doing my work and saw someone pointing the gun. Yug says that man had beard and moustache. Arya says I couldn’t see his face. Zai asks how is this possible. aRya thinks Bappa, save me from getting caught in this mess.

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The Episode ends