Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Monisha getting Deepika’s call and she asks her to come to their house. Monisha asks her not to tell RV, as she will surprise him. Khushi asks Poorvi why you are so shocked. Poorvi comes to her and asks why did you hide from me. Khushi asks did you hear something. Poorvi says I felt that you will never do anything which will hurt me. Khushi says I am sorry, I should have told you truth, but I was scared. Poorvi asks what? Khushi recalls RV’s threat and says she was afraid of defamation. Poorvi asks since when you were afraid of the neighbors, and says you asked him to come and take me, why? Khushi thinks she heard the last line. Poorvi says I was happy, and there was no need for…Khushi apologizes to her. Poorvi asks did you do this for Diya’s alliance then you did right.

Diya comes there to call Poorvi. Poorvi asks her to come and asks Diya to come. Vishaka tells that she has brought shagun clothes and sweets. Poorvi comes there. Vishaka asks her to take shagun clothes and sweets. Prachi asks RV to stay with them for dinner. Ashok asks him to have dinner. Manpreet says if you feel good. RV says he has an important meeting, he will drop Poorvi home and will go for meeting. Vishaka says meeting will happen always, but pagphera will happen once. Diya says until then, we will be with Poorvi. Khushi says let him go, he has a big business. RV says yes, but he don’t want to hurt them and will do dinner. They all get happy. Poorvi tells Prachi that she will take the cup. RV comes to the room and tells Poorvi that he thought that she will thank him. He says I know what has happened here, and says if anyone was on your place then would have thanks me. Poorvi talks about Monisha and says if you was coming here, then would have come earlier. He recalls Soham’s mother’s words and asks shall I tell them why I didn’t want to come. He says I know you well, but you don’t know me. Poorvi thinks I really don’t know you. Manpreet tells Ashok that the neighbors taunted them so much. Divya says they gave ultimatum to us to leave. Ashok says sometimes I feel that we shall not stay here. Divya asks her to make Prachi understand. Poorvi comes there. The family members ask RV, what he would like to have in food. RV says anything, but don’t put stones in the sweets. He says some people put stones/dust particles in the halwa. Divya says when the carrot is not washed properly then the dust particles will be there. Prachi asks Poorvi about her first rasoi. Poorvi says she tried, but dust particles were there. Khushi defends Poorvi and tells that nobody shall scold her. She says Poorvi must have washed the carrots well, but the utensils must be having the dust particles. RV asks if you know cooking? Khushi says she don’t have to cook, as she is married to the rich person and tells that she always wanted to marry the rich person and she got married and she feels proud. RV holds Poorvi’s hand and takes her to the room. Everyone gets worried. Poorvi asks why did you tell about the halwa. They argue. Diya comes there and calls them.

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