Kundali Bhagya 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rakhi warns Karan to stop thinking about Preeta

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Karan is still crying when he turns back but gets shocked when h does not see Shaurya, who enters the room of Karan and is searching for the photo in the wardrobe but the drawer is locked however Karan calls Shaurya so he gets shocked and so starts following Karan who is about to stumble and so he says he might have forgotten the phone in his room so will come back, he thinks he must see what has his father locked in the drawer, he calls Sandy asking him to quickly come in the room of his father. Sandy wonders what has he thought about doing now.

Karan is talking with the doctor saying he is fine and it was just a single bullet but Rakhi hears him and gets shocked, karan then ends the call asking his mother what is she doing here, Rakhi inquires about what he was talking right now when karan says he was trying to take the appointment for his friend however Rakhi does not agree to it, she mentions that he has never learned to lie and so should not even try, she says she heard it all and so if he is telling the truth then he should swear on her, Karina coming from behind explains Karan should reveal the truth to his mother, karan suggests they can talk about it later as today is her engagement and they need to go downstairs since Kavya is waiting for them. Rakhi asks Karina Bua what is she talking about, Karina informs when Rakhi was unconscious then an incident happened due to which karan could have lost his life, Rakhi does not understand it and Karina says if she wants to know the one because of whom the incident happened, Rakhi asks the name when Karina replies her favourite daughter in law Preeta.

Gautham and the mother of Varun are praising Nidhi and Bani Dadi saying that their son is very blessed to have the in laws like them as they even involved him in their business, Rajveer thinks that karan Luthra is very bad because the Luthra’s tend to pretend saying they are nice but then ruin everything just like Karan Luthra did with his mother who has been suffering for the past twenty years. Rajveer replies he will tell her everything when the time is right. Pandit jee calls them all for the function but Rakhi enters with Karina saying that she wants to talk about something with her son so she leaves with karan.

Sandy enters the room where he sees Shaurya trying to open the wardrobe, Sandy questions what is he doing in the room of his father but Shaurya closing the wardrobe asks Sandy to go ad bring a key maker who can open it, Sandy questions if he has gotten mad, Shaurya says his father hid something from him which he needs to find ut, Sandy says that it might be something private of his father so why does he want to know it, Shaurya replies he needs to find out the truth.

Rakhi forces Karan into the room asking why did he hide such a big truth, Karan questions what is she talking about when she says he said that he was talking for his friend but did not say that he got shot, and did he ever think how she would have felt asking if he hates her, Karan says he is standing fine in front of her, Rakhi replies he is fine right now but when she fell from the stairs and was being treated in the hospital then even he was being treated, Rakhi explains she felt something bad has happened to her family and kept praying to Bahwgan that nothing wrong happens however how could she have understood she was praying for her own son, Rakhi asks what has happened to karan and why did he not tell the truth, Karan hugs Rakhi saying everything is fine and she should relax, Rakhi tells Karan that she has already lost him once all those years ago, they all prayed so much after which he returned to their lives, she explains she has given birth to him and he is her life, she says did he ever think once who would she live with if anything happens to him, she says he still does not understand any of his responsibility,. Karan says that he is fine and even Preeta is fine there but Rakhi replies she does not want to hear the name of that Preeta who does not have the right to take the life of his son. Karan says everything is fine and even Preeta is fine, Rakhi questions what is the need to take the name of Preeta as she does not want to hear her name, Karan asks what was is she saying about Preeta, Rakhi replies that she cared for Preeta but every time when she comes in front of him then he gets in any trouble, Rakhi asks who gave him the right to risk his own life to save Preeta asking if she or this family does not matter to him but Karan replies that Preeta does not have any problem in it however Rakhi explains she should not interfere in the private matters of a husband and wife, she got happy seeing Preeta but on what conditions and she cannot harm the life of her own son. Rakhi tells Nidhi to warn Karan that he should never take the name of Preeta in this house, Karan tries to defend Preeta telling Rakhi she does not have any fault in this, Rakhi asks when would Karan understand that whenever Preeta comes in his life then he tends to be at risk, Rakhi says he wants to leave everyone from the family for that one girl. She forces him to look at her saying she does not have any meaning in his life, Rakhi says this mother can never bear some other pain, he should stop talking about Preeta because she does not have the strength, Rakhi says Karina Di always kept saying that Preeta is not good and bad for them all, whenever that girl came in their life she always brought some sort of problem however she did not think it with her mind, but now should she refuse to see what is in front of her. Rakhi blames Preeta for being a crime which never gets away, and if they want to live a life of peace then they should stay away from Preeta and she cannot come into their lives, Rakhi says she has said it and they donot have any relation with her, Preeta is out of the life of Karan because she loves her son a lot and no outsider can snatch the son from his own mother. Rakhi says it is her decision which is final. Rakhi informs his daughter is getting engaged downstairs where he should come, Rakhi leaves while karan gets heartbroken, Karina asks Nidhi to come with her and they leave.

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Palki is waling when she sees Rajveer is very tensed, he is thinking about the announcement that karan Luthra made, palki asks Rajveer if he is fine, she asks if there is something that he wants to say to her as she would feel nice, Rajveer replies there is nothing of the sort but he cannot tell her the entire truth, palki asks if he even considers her as his won as it is very wrong and she wants to know what he is thinking, but she exclaims that they would not talk until he feels like revealing the truth, Palki leaves when Rajveer tries to follow her but Shanaya stops him saying she wants to talk about the Luthra’s with him.

Rakhi sits on the couch while crying, Karina requests her to calm down but Rakhi says she was the one to bring Preeta in this house as a therapist for Bani Dadi but she kept Preeta as a daughter in this house and gave her a place in her heart but she did not know that Preeta would turn out to be like this, because everything wrong in this house has happened due to Preeta, whenever she came to this house she has always brought pain and she was the one to bring Prithvi, he also did a lot of bad things to them, she even got Rishab married to Sherlin, Rakhi explains they were never able to understand anything because of how Preeta placed the plan, Nidhi is shocked.