Neerja 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update : Trisha plots against Neerja

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Abeer says to Moushmi he will wait for the day and he really loves her. Abeer holds Neerja’s hand and says I love Neerja too. Trisha gets angry seeing Abeer and Neerja together and thinks Moushmi allowed Neerja to stay and betrayed me but I won’t let anyone steal Abeer from me.. Bappa rushes to Neerja and says I am so happy that you will stay here now, he thanks Abeer for bringing Neerja back and asks her to promise him to never leave the house. Neerja says to Bappa, she will never leave him because this is her family too now. 

Bappa wants Munmun to welcome Neerja and use ritual water. Bappa says to Trisha, her favourite Kaki Neerja is back and now Trisha can’t be his aunt. 

Moushmi scolds Bappa and says no need for such rituals.Neerja states she’ll do the rituals when they accept her, but Moushmi dismisses her. Abeer insists the ritual will happen today and agrees to Moushmi’s condition, but he wants Munmun to perform the rituals, not Neerja.

He leaves, and Bijoy mentions Pishi Maa refusing to return home after learning about Abeer and Neerja’s wedding. Moushmi knew Pishi Maa would never accept this wedding.

Abeer gifts Neerja a saree and expresses his love. Trisha cries, upset that no one can take Abeer from her, not even God. She remembers Abeer asking for Neerja’s welcoming ceremony and angrily breaks a mirror.

Munmun prepares for Neerja’s ceremony, and Kaushik suggests creating misunderstandings to oust Abeer from the family business and home. Moushmi glares at Munmun, who apologizes, knowing how stubborn Abeer is.

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During the ritual, Abeer asks Neerja to step into the vermillion water. Neerja feels something under her foot and frowns. 

(Trisha has put glass pieces in the water) Neerja steps on the clothes, unaware of the glass hurting her. Abeer notices the blood and tends to Neerja’s wound, finding glass pieces in the water.

Abeer loses his calm and shouts who did this. Abeer accuses Munmun as she was in charge of all the arrangements, but Moushmi defends the family’s integrity. Neerja defends Munmun, saying this is her family too, but Moushmi disagrees, blaming Neerja for the family’s conflicts.

Pre cap: Abeer feeds sweets on behalf of the whole family to Neerja.
Trisha says to Neerja, I hate you, I want to kill you.