Bigg Boss 17 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 17 25th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman welcomes everyone to BB. He says people keep asking who Orry is, we will bring him here soon but see what happened in the house.

In the House:

Mannara shouts at Ankita that she doesn’t want any bond with her. Ankita cries and says this girl is so rude, she has hurt me so much, I can’t bear all this, I have done so much for her but she keeps insulting me. Vicky hugs her and consoles her. Ankita shouts at Rinku that I am hurt when you all thought my bonds are fake. Rinku says don’t take out anger on me. Ankita says I am hurt with you all. Khanzaadi consoles her and says we can see everything, she tells her to calm down. Ankita tells Vicky that Mannara misbehaved with me so much.

Mannara tells Sana that Ankita makes all girls against me and then she tries to make a bond with me?

Ankita cries and tells Munawar that she is so hurt, Mannara shouted at me so badly. Vicky consoles her and says its okay its a game, don’t be so affected. Munawar tells Anurag that you told Mannara that I dated an underage girl? Anurag says I never said that. I just told her that you were taking care of a girl who was underage.

Ankita is crying badly, Isha consoles her and says you think of everyone but people are different here. Ankita says I tried so much to make a bond with her but she was so rude.

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Mannara asks Munawar if he is okay”? he says we will talk later on, you can talk to people that you talk to about me behind my back. Mannara says I can’t play the game on your level. I got to know from Anurag about your relationship. We don’t know much about each other so I talked to him. I had nothing to do with underage girl topic. Anurag comes there and says we didn’t talk in that sense. Mannara says I don’t even remember it. Munawar says Mannara didn’t even stop Anurag from talking. Anurag says I didn’t say it in that context. Munawar says so many people tried to talk to me about your hotel story but I never said anything so I expect the same from you. Anurag says I won’t talk anymore, he leaves. Mannara tells Munawar that I didn’t want to confront you, I will talk to you directly from now on.

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