Neerja 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Abeer tells Moushmi he doesn’t want to marry Trisha


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Abeer opens up to Moushmi, expressing his love for someone else and stating that Trisha isn’t the one he loves. Trisha enters, interrupting their conversation. Moushmi and Abeer avoid discussing further and excuse themselves. Abeer explains to Moushmi that he can’t marry Trisha as she doesn’t hold a place in his heart. Trisha, in frustration, believes that Neerja can’t separate her from Abeer and contemplates seeking help from Didun, unaware of Didun’s incarceration. She eats cake, asserting that Abeer belongs to her.

Despite Moushmi’s doubts, Abeer defends Neerja, mentioning how she saved them from trouble. However, Moushmi suspects Neerja’s underlying intentions. Abeer tries to convince his mother that Neerja is his love and asserts that he won’t marry Trisha or anyone else, pleading with his mother to understand his perspective and not ruin multiple lives. Moushmi requests a day to discuss with his father, but Abeer remains resolute in his decision.

Trisha learns from Shabbo Rani that Neerja sent Didun to jail, which infuriates Trisha further. Munmun searches for Neerja and Abeer’s wedding photos, intending to create more chaos. Bappa, fond of Neerja, agrees to help Munmun if it means bringing Neerja back home.

In a video call, Abeer appreciates Neerja’s efforts in Baadi and asks her what she wishes for Diwali. She expresses her desire for him to be with her, and he surprises her by arriving there. He playfully suggests completing a ritual together and hints at their future together as Mr. and Mrs. Abeer. Neerja wonders if his mother will approve, to which Abeer reassures her he’ll make his mom understand. They light the Diya together.

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Spending time together, Abeer emphasizes their love and trust amidst everything. Neerja warns him about Didun’s danger and urges him to be cautious. Moushmi, concealed, arrives but leaves unnoticed by Abeer. Chakri and Neerja express their joy. Protima welcomes Moushmi, who arrives to discuss Abeer’s wedding. She hands over her jewelry to Neerja, pleading for her son’s return and to leave him.

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