Parineeti 25th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Neeti says we feel we know our partners but that’s not true. Let’s do a compatibility test. Mrs. Mehra says to start with your family. We’re hosts. Neeti says let’s start with tao ji and tai ji. She says let’s add a twist. Pari will also answer questions like tai ji. Let’s see how much she knows tao ji. She starts asking questions. Priyanka asks what he likes to eat the most. They all write cholay batoray. She asks Tao ji’s favorite color. Pami writes the wrong answer. Pami says how can you change your answer. You liked black. Neeti asks Mr and Mrs. Mehra to play the game. They both fight over different answers. Mrs. Mehra says none of our answers matched. You changed everything. She asks Neeti and Sanju to play.

Priyank asks Sanju likes Neeti in a saree or suit? Pari also writes the answer. They all wrote the same. Air hostess uniform. Priyanka asks Sanju’s favorite sweet. They all write the same answer. Priyanka asks Sanju’s biggest wish. Sanju and Pari write becoming a father. Priyanka says Neeti, Pari knows Sanju more than you. Everyone is shocked. Neeti checks his answer. Neeti throws it in anger. Neeti says see, this is how she’s after my husband. Neeti leaves in anger. Pari cries. Salojna goes after Neeti. Sanju comes and stops her. He says why are you creating this fuss?

Neeti apologizes to Mr and Mrs. Mehra for ruining their party. She says I couldn’t control my husband and my friend ruining my life. See my best friend is here, she traps other people’s husbands. Never involve another girl in your life. Never bring your friend into your home. Pari has taken my husband, room, and family from me. I am married, I am living with my mom and she’s living with my husband. Pami says stop it, Neeti. We can talk at home. Neeti says what home? That home is Pari’s now. She says never trust her. Keep an eye on your husband. Make the right decision on time. She became my child’s surrogate to automatically become my husband’s wife and took place in my home.  My husband cares for her like she’s his wife. And they sit as a couple for poojas and I am asked to sit aside. I lost my child because of her only. She did this to me. I tried to save her and my child died.  After all that my family gives her so much love and respect. She broke my home. My husband stands with her. My in-laws call her their daughter. What’s my fault? Everything is over for me. Pari says Neeti please don’t hurt yourself. Neeti shoves pari. Pami holds her. Neeti says her dramas are never over. She pretens so much. Your dad must be ashamed of you. His soul must be disgusted by your character. Pari cries in shock.

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Chandrika falls. Amit holds her. She sprains her foot. Amit massages her foot. She says let’s go out. Amit says let’s stay here. It’s not good. Pari says Neeti this is between you and me. Please don’t drag my dad. Sanju says there’s no point in making her understand. She doesn’t understand. Pari says let us handle it. Neeti claps and says see how she controls my husband and he listens to this outsider woman. Pari cries. Pari says please stop it Neeti. Neeti says if you cared for me you won’t have taken my husband. I’ve never seen a shameless woman like you. You made my husband fool like Rakesh.

Episode ends