Neerja 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update : Abeer gets beaten at Sonagachi

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Abeer says he is here to pay the amount for time spent with a girl from Sonagachi and throws jewellery on her. Didun asks Kallu to break the door. Abeer says to neerja like the jewellery I will throw you out of my life. Didun’s men get in and catch Abeer, by mistake mangalsutra hurts neerja’s forehead and falls on neerja’s hand. Abeer is thrown out and he curses Neerja, like you played with my feelings, you will bear its consequences.

Neerja looks at the mangalsutra and blood and thinks about Abeer’s lines that girls like her are not meant to get married. Didun sees Neerja is injured and asks Chakri to get band aid for Neerja and asks Neerja to get rid of the marks and take care of it. Didun asks Kallu to teach Abeer a lesson for daring to enter Didun’s area and injure her girl.

Abeer is subjected to a beating and collapses on the floor, with Chakri alerting Neerja to the situation.

Feeling that the animosity between them doesn’t warrant such brutality, Neerja retrieves the nuptial chain from the floor. She rushes out to locate Abeer but only discovers a bloodstain on the ground.

Meanwhile, a client inquires about Abeer, and Bijoy covers for his absence, praising his son’s business acumen and well-mannered upbringing. The client is taken aback when he sees Abeer’s condition and subsequently cancels their deal. Kaushik is shocked and angered to learn that Abeer had been causing trouble in Sonagachi, and the goons further insult him. This incident tarnishes their family’s reputation and business prospects.

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As Neerja frets over Abeer, she reminisces about her moments with Protima, realizing that she’s being misunderstood despite not having committed any wrongdoing. Chakri questions her commitment to Abeer and why she doesn’t disclose the truth to him. Neerja explains that she’s bound by the promise she made to his family and that revealing the truth would only intensify Abeer’s hatred for Sonagachi.

In the midst of this, Bijoy calls Didun in anger, but she seems unfazed, believing that he will soon pay for his actions. Shabbo Rani eggs Didun on, and Didun contemplates the consequences of Abeer’s continued visits to Sonagachi, expressing her desire for him to understand.

Neerja confides in Chakri that she’s giving up on Abeer, but Chakri encourages her to fight for their love. Meanwhile, Shabbo Rani stirs Didun’s suspicions about Neerja’s sudden acceptance of Sheik’s proposal, but Chakri advises Neerja to focus on their own path. Neerja meets the parents of the young girls in the temple, where they reunite with their daughters, bringing her joy.

Pre cap: Neerja sees bangles and asks Didun what is this. Didun says its to show no one can cross her and people who did have buried here. Neerja in shock.