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Day 3
8 AM
The contestants wake up to BB anthem. They all sing and dance to it.

9:30 AM
Anurag tells Mannara that her tea isn’t good, its just hot water. She asks Munawar, he says I drank it. Mannara says people are drinking tea but also complaining.

10:30 AM
Abhishek tells Tehelka that Khanzaadi isn’t talking to others, you shouldn’t have nominated me, you were personal with me. Tehelka hugs him and says its okay. Munawar says Tehelka is shaken and Abhishek is making him more confused, Abhishek is more mind after being nominated, its good. He is near me in the house so he might be useful for me, he does have a mind. I understand Anurag and he has some preceived notions, he doesn’t even talk to me, he ignores me and I can feel it. The time will come when he has to talk to me then we will talk, I will wait for that time. Ankita comes there and asks what is he talking about? He says I was talking about Anurag to the camera, I feel he is reserved towards me.

12:30 PM
Navid tells Ankita that her room is the best. She says its love that’s why. She starts singing happily.

Khanzaadi tells Tehelka that serial people have their own vibe, we are all becoming friends but these drama people have their own group. They have created a circle and we aren’t able to interact with them. Do you feel that? Tehelka doesn’t answer.

1 PM
Mannara asks Tehelka what’s his most expensive item? He says my jacket is most expensive, you can wear that. Ankita says show it to me. Tehelka shows off his shirts and says they are expensive. They are like 35 lacs each. Mannara asks about his brush, he says its given by BB. At my house, I have a brush with sound, I will gift a brush to Mannara. I am sorry if you feel bad about my words. Ankita says we don’t. Tehelka says Ankita is the best.

1:15 PM
Arun jokes with Navid and Tehelka. They ask him to talk in Hindi, he tries but they laugh at him. Arun teaches him while Tehelka laughs at his pronounciation. Arun pushes him away, they both laugh at Navid.

1:30 PM
Khanzaadi tells Abhishek that comfort matters. He asks if she likes anyone here? she says I am going with the flow, if I like someone then I will try here. Abhishek says I want a girl who is mature for me. Khanzaadi says Isha is still immature. She goes from there.

Khanzaadi comes to Tehelka and Munawar. She asks Tehelka if he is okay with Abhishek? he says just be alerted. She says sure. She says he was about my relationships but I said I am not looking for anything right now. Tehelka says you want to get married? I will set you up. Munawar says he will set up her marriage venue.

2:15 PM
Munawar tells Abhishek that people who are being close friends now will go against each other later on. I thought Aishwarya and Neil would be close with Vicky and Ankita but they have issues with each other now.

Khanzaadi tells Tehelka that the game is getting interesting, I will play him. He says he will always target you, you have just started talking to him so he knows you are trying to be safe from nominations. She says I am just playing a game.

2:30 PM
Neil comes to Mannara and says I liked your tea, I don’t know what Anurag was saying about. Mannara comes to Anurag and says I thought I can’t work in the kitchen but I came here and realized that I am way better than others. Anurag says you feel like people are targeting you but you are getting targeted. How does Neil know about the tea issue? Vicky asked me about the tea and I told him I didn’t like it. Mannara says you should understand that someone asked you specifically about the tea, Vicky was provoking you against me. You should remember what your family taught you. Anurag says how are you connecting these things? Mannara says you are a weak target, you are not smart for here. You are a biker and a Youtuber and these people have become something with conspiracy. Anurag says you are saying that they are trying to manipulate us but you are saying that because you think you are in the wrong house. Mannara says these people want to provoke others because they came in the house on the basis of others. You should ask them how many followers they have on their Youtube. You are in the show because people like your personality so don’t change because of C type people. Anurag says I will respect you if you respect me.

4:15 PM
The digital screen shows a message that a man is provoking others and making them fight. Recognize him and be safe. Vicky asks Abhishek if its about him? Abhishek says seems like its about you. Vicky says fine, I won’t do anything now. Others read the message and say it must be about Vicky.

5:15 PM
Abhishek tells Munawar that he is ignoring Isha but when I see her then I shiver, I try to control my emotions but I keep thinking why did we break up and now why did we come here together. I really like her and want to marry her, I want her to make her career and I will wait for her. I like her and I used to be crazy about her, I am hurt seeing her here. He gets emotional so Munawar hugs him. Abhishek says I am unable to accept and I promised my family to stay away from her but she keeps hogging my mind and heart. Munawar gets emotional too. Abhishek says you might be able to relate with me. Munawar says I feel like I am talking to myself, he gets emotional and goes the washroom to cry.

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5:45 PM
Anurag tells the contestants that Bigg Boss might ask us to nominate from other houses soon. Bigg Boss says if Anurag’s lecture is done then lets gather in the lounge. Vicky asks Ankita to come.

All contestants gather in the lounge. Bigg Boss asks Vicky if everyone is here? He looks around and says Navid isn’t here. He goes to check. Bigg Boss says wrong thing is happening with Ankita, he scolded her for being late but didn’t check up on Navid. Ankita says he is being stern with me. Vicky goes to the washroom and asks Navid to come fast. Bigg Boss says he went to find Navid but left Ankita alone. Ankita laughs. Bigg Boss says we did everything for you Ankita but we can’t do much. Ankita says he isn’t giving me attention even after marriage. Vicky brings Navid there, he apologizes to everyone. Bigg Boss says Ankita wants attention but Vicky is busy giving attentions to others, its wrong for Ankita. Ankita laughs as he plays do pyar karne wale jungle mein khoo gaye. Vicky says is it about me and Navid? all laugh. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that you all have started making ways in the show but not all. People have seen you getting involved but two people are acting like lost kids, they don’t understand what’s going on and what they want to do. Those people are married and stay together in the heart house and maybe they are lost because others are not giving them alone time. I feel like they need therapy, they need alone time so they can clarify what they want to do in the house. He asks Mannara who is that person? She says maybe Vicky and Ankita. Bigg Boss says wrong, its Neil and Aishwarya. we have created garden of roses for them. Neil knew its about them. He asks Neil and Aishwarya to go there on a date. All clap for them. Bigg Boss says you will go on a date and talk to each other on how you want to play and find a groove in the house, I feel like you both needed it. He tells them to go to the garden. They both go there.

Neil and Aishwarya come to the garden of the roses. Aishwarya says its a real date? she likes the pretty set. There is a table set for them.

Soniya tells Mannara that they don’t talk to others. Mannara says Aishwarya doesn’t talk to anyone, Soniya says she feels she is above everyone.

Neil and Aishwarya sit in the garden. Neil says roses have thorns too. Bigg Boss says that’s boring. He says we have full garden of roses like you both are full of confusion. I want you both to work a little. Stop feeling like its a picnic and talk about what you want to do. Aishwarya asks Neil what he wants to say? Neil says a lot of people want to separate us in the house. We walk to everyone but they feel like we shouldn’t be together. Vicky and Ankita are together everywhere. Aishwarya says I am too innocent to understand this. She gets emotional and says I am thinking they are talking about us. Neil says they do. Aishwarya says I didn’t know they want to separate us.

Vicky tells Munawar that Aishwarya was the vamp of the show and Neil was a hero but they became a couple. She is dimming Neil’s personality, he tries to get involved but Aishwarya keeps dragging him back to the cage. He is always running behind her. Bigg Boss asks if the date will help them? Vicky says it won’t help but maybe they will understand with time. Bigg Boss asks Munawar to say a poetry on their date. Munawar says a poetry about being a couple but still far away from each other. All clap for him.

Neil tells Aishwarya that maybe we should live in separate house for more clarity. You shouldn’t interfere in my game, I am doing what I think is right, you shouldn’t stop me. Aishwarya says if you keep doing house work then how will you play? Neil says I know what I am doing. Aishwarya says this is too much, I am scared of something. Neil says don’t be. Aishwarya says I am having mood swings, I don’t understand anything. Neil asks her to calm down. Aishwarya says I am feeling weird. Neil says be careful of few people, Aishwarya says I know everything, I know them from before, they are friends but they are all playing a game, they came here prepared that’s why we look confused. Neil says I can see what others are doing. Aishwarya says I can’t be snooping around and spying on people. Neil says fine.

Munawar tells Ankita that Bigg Boss gave them a chance to spend time together and when they come back in the house then they should blast. Ankita says even Vicky and I aren’t getting alone time.

Neil tells Aishwarya that Vicky thinks he can play everyone, you have to understand that we need to communicate and we need to speak about what Vicky is doing. Aishwarya says we can see what he is doing but we are fools to not talk about it.

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