Doosri Maa 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Arvind Refuses to Pay For Babuji’s Surgery

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Doosri Maa 18th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with doctor informing Gupta family that they need to arrange 25 lakhs for Babuji’s heart surgery. Yashoda agrees and says they will arrange money. Doctor says he will start surgery after they deposit 25 lakhs. Yashoda requests Arvind to get whatever money he has. Arvind stands silent. Yashoda pleads that they should forget their personal differences and save their Babuji’s life. Amma reminds Arvind about the money and jewelry he took from Babuji’s locker. Arvind leaves. Back home, Kamini’s heart melts for Babuji and says she will convince Arvind to sell their shop and pay for Babuji’s surgery. Bansal stops her and says she should stop being emotional and think practically.

Arvind packs money and jewelry he took from Babuji’s locker. Mahua asks what is he taking from her room. Arvind says he will get something for her and walks out of room. Amma with Yashoda walks in and calls Arvind. Bansal warns her to stop shouting or else Mahua will wake up. Arvind walks down and gives her a bag saying it has everything he took from Babuji’s locker. Amma checks and says it has only a few thousands, they need 25 lakhs. Arvind refuses to give more money and says he can’t waste his money on an old man who will live only for 1-2 years more. Amma warns him to stop saying that. Yashoda says they will sell this house then. Bansal brainwashes Kamini again to stop it as Sonu will get this house soon. Kamini yells at Yashoda that it’s all happening after she brought illegitimate Krishna home.

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Amma pleads Arvind to help her at least sell this house. Arvind refuses. Mahua walks in and asks where did he take the bag from her room. He says he brought past for her and asks if she wants to have it. She says yes and goes to her room. Arvind then throws Amma and Yashoda out of the house and asks them to arrange money by whatever means they can but not from him and closes the door. Amma pleads him to open the door and pleads neighbor to lend them some money. Baghban Rab Hai Baghban.. song plays in the background. They both then return to hospital where nurse informs them that Babuji is awake now. They decide not to inform about Arvind’s ruthless behavior to Babuji.

They meet Babuji who asks when will he be discharged from the hospital and they say in 3-4 days. He asks why Arvind and others are not here. Krishna lies that Arvind was here till a few minutes ago and just went home. Babuji says Arvind is his legitimate son and obviously would be worried for him. They ask him to rest and walk out. Randhir walks in and says he came to check if Yashoda is in pain or not and reminds that Ashok had not spared his father when he was in trouble. He suggests them to buy a begging bowl and beg on the roads to gather 25 lakhs.

Precap: Krishna begs on road for Babuji’s treatment. Arvind warns him to be in his limits or else he will slap him. Krishna gives him a befitting reply.