Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Jijabai leaves to tell Maharajah the truth.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 18th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bala asks Shishupal to leave or worst will happen. Shishupal questions his status. Anand reminds him about Karuna and Lakshmi’s victory, and what happened to Shishupal and Vaipal. Deepak tells that they aren’t weak. Sethji questions Bhim Rao for letting his people misbehave with his owner. Bhim Rao will not support Sethji just because he works for him. He asks Sethji to leave with the assurance that time will change for them. Shishupal questions Bhim Rao for learning nothing in school, he shouldn’t respond to his elders. Bhim Rao didn’t answer everything, he still has a lot to tell but didn’t. Sethji will leave. Vaijnath will make sure that Bhim Rao looses his arrogance, he leaves ordering people to play drums.

Jijabai wants Bhim Rao to eat the sweet, because of him a new fight has began. The upper caste threatened them. Bhim Rao questions her for considering there treat but not his struggle. Bhim Rao will not have this sweet, but have poison. Jijabai questions. Rama reminds Jijabai about her limits. Rama calls Jijabai engaging in a drama. Jijabai calls her a value less woman. Bhim Rao questions Jijabai for naming Rama, but not considering her abuse of value, she acted to be mad . Jijabai told that she did it because of Ramji. Bhim Rao considers it Ramji’s love but Jijabai has nothing to explain herself. Hitesh knew that there was something odd. Jijabai used to cross her limits, will do it again. Jijabai will inform the Maharaja about being well and take Bhim Rao with him. Ramji stops Jijabai, Bhim Rao wants her to go. The chawl was divided in half on the narrative. Bhim Rao requests Ramji to let Jijabai go, she has the right to decide. Ramji let Jijabai go. Jijabai will surely leave, will send Bhim Rao. Bala, Anand, Lakshmi, Karuna, Meer and Rama request her to stop. Jijabai questions, they should listen to Jijabai who wants her to leave. Jijabai leaves. Bhim Rao tells Rama that he is leaving for work. Hitesh paints a picture of punishment for him and Ramji once the Maharaja finds the truth. Janardan laughs since Bhim Rao would be the most educated person in prison. Rama insisted to talk to Maharaja, everyone agrees. Bhim Rao refuse, he will wait for Maharajah’s decision, whether its about his punishment. Rama fears, Bhim Rao knows that she fears the future, he has other things to worry about.

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Lakshmi and others wonders what Jijabai would do. Bala thinks that she will return without doing anything. Karuna feared Hitesh words becoming truth and Ramji getting imprisoned as well.

Ramji recalls the day he requested Jijabai to stop Bhim Rao. Jijabai jumped in the well to stop Bhim Rao. Meera comes to Ramji asking not to worry much, what written will happen, it might be possible of Maharaja hiring someone else in Bhim Rao’s place. Ramji knows that he wouldn’t replace anyone at Bhim Rao’s place. Ramji couldn’t arrange anything for Bhim Rao’s future academics, he would get stuck with the Maharaja, his time and struggle would stop at Maharajah’s place. Ramji is helpless, they don’t have multiple roads to take. His caste has only one dark tunnel to live in, every broken hope kills Ramji every time. Rama comes to Ramji telling that he is only one with hope in this house, everyone is in fear, still they will rest with whatever happens. Meera agrees.

Bhim Rao welcomes Sethji in office. Sethji questions his changed behavior. Bhim Rao has different status in both places. Sethji wants to tell Bhim Rao once again politely, he was hired because of Sethji’s respect for Guruji. Sethij tells that everything in life has a purpose and position. Its better for Bhim Rao to understand his position and live accordingly.

The Episode Ends.