Anupama 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Malti Devi plans to separate Anuj and Anupama


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Kavya asking Baa if these utensils are good for baby. Baa says yes. Kavya asks if these plates are good are family. Baa says yes. Kavya asks the seller to give 8 plates. Baa asks why 8, 3 family members are leaving soon. Kinjal comes and tells Baa that they are going away from home and will come for festival, function or anything. She asks her not to keep them away from her heart. Baa asks the seller to give 8 plates and writes their names. She tells the names and reminisces Samar. Kinjal says if he would have been here then would have decorated the house by now. She says we shall not cry and remember him happily.

Anupama and Anuj argue over buying a cooker. Anupama likes steel cooker while he likes nonstick cooker. Romil records their cute fight. Anuj asks Anupama who is giving you cooker. Romil asks them to buy both and asks why you both are fighting. Anuj asks why you didn’t give this idea before. Anupama starts crying. Anuj says ok, buy cooker of your choice, I was joking. Anupama reminisces Samar and tells Anuj that this is the first Diwali without him. Anuj says we will celebrate it remembering him, but will not cry.

Pakhi goes angrily to her room and asks Adhik to give his credit card. He asks why? She says she wants to do Diwali shopping. He says you had done it, if anything left. Pakhi says shopping is my therapy, if I get busy then will be fine. Adhik says it can be escape and not the treatment and asks what does she want? Pakhi tells that Mummy took Anuj’s card from her, and says she doesn’t like her to shop from her husband’s phone. Adhik says Mummy is right, how you will feel if Dimpy or Romil shop from my card. He says you got angry. He says I wanted you to stop doing unnecessarily expenses and says I am not a businessman or Kapadia. Pakhi says but my Mummy is Kapadia and Anuj is my father figure. He says you don’t understand anything and the person trying to make you understand becomes your enemy and if you need something from someone then you believe him as your everything. He says I have a fixed salary and can’t give you my credit card. Pakhi says say it clearly, you don’t care for my happiness or me as I couldn’t become a mother. Adhik asks her not to talk about it, and says he is sick of her poor mentality. She asks if you are giving card? He says no. Pakhi goes angrily.

Malti Devi sees Anuj and Anupama making sweets and says so many sweets. Anuj says we are making sweets for Baa and Babu ji’s home. Malti Devi says sweets shall be made there. Anuj says Dimpy is here, and Kavya is pregnant, so who will make sweets. He says we are one family and can make for them. Anupama tells about Baa and Babu ji’s anniversary. Anuj says we will celebrate it before Kinjal and Toshu left.

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Malti Devi gets upset and turns. Barkha provokes her against the Shahs and tells that Anuj is their devotee. She says she feels that they will come and stay here, once Kinjal and Toshu leave. She says who will run the house, and tells that functions are managed and funds by Anuj. Malti Devi says she wants to get Anuj out of Anupama’s love, then he will agree to my sayings. Barkha asks how you will do this? Malti Devi says she will find out a way.

Baa tells Babu ji that she has to do this? Babu ji asks how you will do? Baa says we have to do it. Anujn tells Anupama that they have packed the sweets. Anupama tells that they shall take some extra sweets for the neighbors. Anuj tells that they shall give gold coin to them. Malti Devi comes there and asks them to give silver utensils on her behalf. She taunts them indirectly and on their poverty and asks them to give the utensils to help them financially. She then says just like Anupama gave the bangles to Leela, to help her. Anuj says one shall not talk behind the back. He asks Anupama to lets go. Malti Devi asks Anupama to go as she has to talk to Anuj about old age home. Anupama asks Anuj to come later and leave. She goes there. Baa and Babu ji make sweets. Babu ji feels sad that he didn’t keep anything for their old age, and she has to work in this age. Anupama comes there. She sees the snacks and sweets in bulk and asks them. They lie first and then tells that they are doing this to earn for their livelihood. Babu ji says Samar used to bring medicines, but since he left. Anupama gets teary eyes.

Tapish teases dance to the students and says once a dancer, always a dancer and says world is the stage. He says it is difficult to dance always, but keep dance alive in heart. Dimpy comes and wishes them happy and prosperous Diwali and asks them to meet after Diwali. She asks them to take care. Tapish asks them to take care of animals while burning crackers. He says happy Diwali and does hi give with Dimpy.

Anupama asks Baa to sit and says Anuj always told you that your daughter and son in law are always there for you, so I can tell you that you don’t need to do this, as whatever you need, we will give. She says I will not say this, as I know that your self respect will be hurt, and says I want you to be independent, and says no work is small and we shall respect that. She says I respect you, and your thoughts. She says I am proud of you both and claps.

Precap: Anupama comes to deliver the sweets. Malti Devi comes out of a lady’s house. The lady says she doesn’t know Kapadia bahu do this work. Anupama says she is also a daughter of her Baa and Babu ji, along with Kapadia bahu.