Prachand Ashok 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Ashok starts seeing Kaurwaki’s good side

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Scene 1

Bindusar falls down and is dying, he tells Ashok that he loves him a lot, your fate has kingdom in it, you are going to make me proud so I am announcing today Ashok will succeed me, he will be my heir and he will be the king after me. Bindusar dies. Sushim shouts that this can’t happen, I deserve this throne and not this animal Ashok. Ashok says enough, I lost my father just now. Chanakya comes there and says Bindusar gave his will to me yesterday and he announced Ashok as his successor. Sushim but.. Dayana tells him to shut up.

Devi tells Kaurwaki that Bindusar has died so no one can support her now, she is a servant now and she would cook for a procession tomorrow. Dharma comes there and says she can’t cook alone, I will talk to Ashok. Kaurwaki says don’t worry, I will cook the food with love, just focus on saying bye to your husband. Dharma says she gave you this task because all ministers will be there and the food has to be perfect as its king’s funeral, can you do that? Kaurwaki says yes, I am ready to take this duty on.

Helena tells Sushim that they can’t kill Ashok as he has got the throne now. Vimla says we have a lot of soldiers so just tell one of them to kill Ashok.

Ashok recalls his last moments with Bindusar. Dharma comes there and says your father was just but how can you be so cruel to your wife? Devi is being harsh on her. Ashok says she is complaining to you when I have so many worries? He asks her to leave.

Ashok finds someone hiding in his room, he finds its Pawan. Ashok says you cheated me and tried to kill me along with Kaurwaki, you helped her in trying to finish me off. Pawan says yes, I tried to kill you but it was me alone. Kaurwaki saved your life and took the blame on herself. I am sorry, I did all that because of Sushim. Ashok is confused and says Kaurwaki saved my life and took the blame? Pawan says yes.

Ashok comes to Kaurwaki and asks why did she save his life? Kaurwaki says I wanted to kill you. Ashok says stop lying, why did you save me? she says leave me alone. Devi comes there. Ashok asks Kaurwaki to tell the truth. Kaurwaki says I am Devi’s servant so you shouldn’t be arguing with me. Devi takes Ashok from there. Kaurwaki thinks if I tell the truth to Ashok then he will give queen’s position to me and Devi wouldn’t get that throne, she wouldn’t be able to win your heart and I can’t do that to my friend.

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Kaurwaki prepares food for all royal people. Devi is angry that she prepared everything nicely. Helena comes there and says its difficult to put this Kaurwaki down. Devi says shut up. She says I tried my best to get Kaurwaki insulted. I even had put a dead mouse in the food but why aren’t they finding it? Ashok comes there and asks if she was looking for this? he shows her the mouse and recalls how Anandi told him about it. Ashok tells Devi that he could have exposed her in front of everyone but he can’t stoop to her level. Devi says I did all that to save you from Kaurwaki. Ashok says seeing your antics make me feel I should be scared of you.

The royal people thank Kaurwaki for making food for them and say that she is a real queen and deserves all the praises. Kaurwaki says I just want you all to pray for Bindusar, I just did my duty to him. Ashok is surprised hearing all that. Kaurwaki tries to leave but Ashok says he wants to talk to her, she says there is nothing to talk about, she leaves.

Kaurwaki comes to her room and finds her father walking. She says how can this miracle happen? He says Ashok has taken care of me all these days, he used to feed me food and gave me medicines. He has done so much for me. You are so lucky to have him as a husband. Kaurwaki says Devi is his husband, you are fine so we should leave now. He says don’t be a fool, Ashok is your fate.

Ashok is looking for Kaurwaki and asks Dharma if she saw him? Dharma says she has chosen her path. Ashok is confused.

The episode ends.