Bhagya Lakshmi 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update


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Mukesh shuts the door and says to Oberoi family that the police and the doctor are coming here. Lakshmi says she doesn’t want to go to the mental asylum. Karishma says to Virendra that the mental asylum is the right place for Lakshmi. Virendra pleads with Karishma to not tell the doctor or the police anything about Lakshmi being here. Karishma doesn’t agree to it. Virendra says to Karishma that if she says anything to them then he will break off his relationship with her. Karishma gets upset with Virendra’s words and leaves from there.

Rishi says to Lakshmi that she should play hide and seek with the police and the doctor and says she should hide from them. Rishi says if they find her they will take her away from Rishi. Lakshmi says she will not be caught this time. Rishi whispers in Lakshmi’s ear where she has to hide. Lakshmi agrees and leaves from there.

The police and the doctor come to the Oberoi mansion. Virendra asks the police why did they come here. The police says the doctor has filed a complaint against them that they took Lakshmi out of the mental asylum. Rishi asks the police where is Lakshmi if she isn’t in the mental asylum. The doctor argues with Rishi saying he took Lakshmi away from the mental asylum. Rishi denies the doctor’s accusation and says Lakshmi isn’t here. The police asks them to stop their argument and says they will find out once they search for Lakshmi. The police starts searching all of the Oberoi mansion for Lakshmi. Rishi nd Virendra say to the doctor that Lakshmi isn’t here so the cops will not find her. Virendra says after that they will file a case against him. The doctor seeing Rishi and Virendra so confident thinks they might have hidden Lakshmi some place else.

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The cops search for Lakshmi in the Oberoi mansion. The inspector comes to Karishma’s room to search for Lakshmi. The inspector doesn’t find Lakshmi. The inspector asks Lakshmi if she knows where is Lakshmi in the house.

A lay constable comes to Sonia and says to Sonia that she came to search her room for Lakshmi. Sonia thinks her wish is coming true.

Karishma asks the inspector not to play games with her. The inspector says to Karishma that he knows she is the one who asked the cops last time to take away Lakshmi.

Lakshmi thinks nobody will be able to find her here and she will not be enjoy the game of hide and seek if she hides here so she decides to hide someplace else. Lakshmi changes her hiding location.

Sonia tries to talk to the lady constable but Rishi intervenes and takes her away from there.

The inspector thanks Karishma for her cooperation and leaves from there. Harleen asks Karishma if she said anything to the inspector. Karishma says she remembers Virendra’s threat and says she hasn’t said anything to the cops. Harleen praises Karishma as she is thinking of the family. Karishma says she will do anything for her family.

Rishi asks Sonia what is she trying to tell to the cops. Sonia argues with Rishi saying he doesn’t have the right to tell her what to do. Rishi thinks he needs divert Sonia. Rishi pleads Sonia not to tell the cops that Lakshmi is in his room. Sonia leaves from there.

Sonal asks Malishka if the doctor will be able to do her work. Malishka says he has to do it. Malishka says to Sonal that she really loves Rishi and she will do anything to get him.

Episode ends.