Suhaagan 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 16th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sakshi says to Indu that Baldev chose his mom over his wife. Krishna says that he isn’t wrong. He shouldn’t leave his mom for wife. He says that we won’t leave Indu in such situations. He says that we are wrong. They shouldn’t have forced him to choose them over his mom. Payal thinks what happened to him? He shouldn’t bring her back to home. Meanwhile, Bindiya says to Baldev that Indu may be missing him. She thinks Indu crying there. Baldev says that he can’t leave his mom to wipe Indu’s tears. His mom mentioned him as Ballu after so many years. Bindiya says that he has another option instead of leaving the house. Krishna says that he is going to bring Dad back. Vickram asks him what’s he doing? He shouldn’t bring them back. Dadi will trouble them. Sakshi says that she fears Dadi will kill her mistakes her as Kaveri.

Sakshi asks Payal to convince Krishna. Payal says that he is right. He has to understand the situation. Bindiya sends a message to Payal. She says that she sent her out of the house with her cunning plan. But she forgot that this house is on Baldev’s name. He is with her. Payal says that she is wrong. Payal asks Krishna to bring them back. Vickram asks her what happened to her now? She was supporting them few minutes before. Payal says that Indu is crying for him. We have to think about her. Sakshi says that she knew well what happened to her. Dadi threatened to kill her. Payal says that dad and mom weren’t seperated yet. We have to bring them back. Krishna appreciates her for thinking about their family after this much happened. Payal assures that she will take care of her. Payal thinks that it’s matter of crores how she will miss this chance.

Bindiya says to Baldev that he shouldn’t worry about anything. Payal will definitely do something to bring them back. Baldev shares his thoughts with him. The ambulance stopped there. They are surprised to see Krishna there. He asks him how could he leave them like this? He can’t see his mom in pain. She is crying for him. He asks him to come back to home for her sake. Baldev says that he can’t see tears in his mom eyes. Then how will he ses his mom tears these many years. Krishna says that they don’t have rights to separate a mom and son. He asks him to come back. Bindiya asks him if family members have no problem with Dadi? If they allowed her to stay in home. Krishna nodded to her. Baldev asks Dadi to leave. She asks Bindiya to come with her. She takes Bindiya from there. Krishna ignores her.

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Sakshi says that Dadi is coming back. She doesn’t know whether they will stay alive or not? Payal asks them to see Indu’s tears. They don’t care about Indu at all. Sakshi asks her to stop her drama. Sakshi says that Baldev and Dadi will come back. What about Bindiya? She is complimentary gift. Payal says that Bindiya doesn’t has any rights to stay here. Sakshi says that only Bindiya is able to handle Dadi. Payal asks Indu not to allow her. She can handle Dadi alone. Indu says that she has to be alive for that. She doesn’t know why she wants to kill her. Payal says that Bindiya killed her baby so she can’t allow her to stay here. Indu says that she is in a tight spot. Payal assures her that she will handle Dadi. Baldev calls Indu and apologized to her. He asks her to arrange the room for Dadi’s safety. Dadi sings a song. Bindiya plays song for her. Krishna scolds her for touched his music system. Dadi starts shouting when the music is stopped. Dadi opens the door and jumps out of the car. Everyone rushes to check her.

Precap: Dadi demands Krishna to kiss Bindiya