Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rajvansh’s brother knocks on the door and asks Rajvansh if they can leave. Rajvansh reminds his brother that he asked him many times to not knock on his door as this office also belongs to him. Rajvansh’s brother says he knows but he also knows the truth that all of this business is due to him. Rajvansh’s brother praises him. Rajvansh later says he has to do and he asks his brother to leave. Rajvansh’s brother agrees and leaves from there.

Jasveer keeps an eye on Purvi from a distance. Diya, Manpreet, and Purvi try to get an auto but they don’t find any auto. Diya says to Purvi that this is a sign from God asking them to not go to Ashutosh’s house and take Purvi’s marriage match to Rajvansh’s house. Manpreet asks Diya not to speak this kind of nonsense again. Diya, Purvi, and Manpreet get in the car and leaves from there.

Jasveer thinks there is something going on in between Rajvansh and Purvi. Jasveer talks to an old employee of Rajvansh’s company to find out about RV.

Harleen while talking to Dadi drops a glass. Harleen feels a bad omen. Harleen calls Rajvansh and asks him to come home right away as she is feeling really tensed. Rajvansh agrees. Rajvansh decides to leave after completing his work as only little work is left.

Purvi’s family come to Ashutosh’s house and meet them. Ashutosh introiduces Purvi to his grandmother. Bina asks Ashutosh to take Purvi and show her the house. Ashutosh agrees and takes Purvi to show the house.

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The attender offers coffee to Rajvansh. Rajvansh sees the time says it’s too late and decides to leave quickly. The attender looks at the weather and thinks today’s weather is not good as if something inauspicious will happen. Jasveer and his bodyguard come to Rajvansh company and search for him. Rajvansh takes his phone and leaves from there.

Jasveer comes to the attender and asks attender where is Rajvansh. The attender asks Jasveer who is he. Jasveer cooks up a story saying he is Rajavansh’s childhood friend. The attender says Rajvansh left just before. Jasveer leaves from there.

Bina brings Purvi to the kitchen and asks Purvi to prepare food for them. Diya reminds Bina that they have invited their family for dinner. Ashutosh says his relatives should also know how great of a cook is Prachi.

Episode ends.