Bhagya Lakshmi 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rishi and Lakshmi worried for Paro. Avinash says she is not on the terrace. Aanchal blames Lakshmi for making her elope and then acting. Karishma, Malishka and Anushka blame Lakshmi for hiding Paro, and then acting. Lakshmi tries to go. Aanchal says you can’t go insulting us, when we are talking to you. Lakshmi tells Aanchal that her words are more sharp than the knife and tells that she will not hear anything against her daughter and will do anything for her. She goes. Malishka asks Aanchal to see how she is speaking. Rishi is about to go. Aanchal asks where are you going? Rishi says outside.

Ayush drops Shalu and Paro to the bus stand. Shalu thanks him for the help and tells that she will never forget his help. Ayush asks where is she going? Shalu says they will start their journey after he leaves. Ayush asks Paro if she will go without meeting him. Paro hugs him. He asks her to call him if she misses him. Shalu asks Ayush not to tell anyone that he has dropped them here. Ayush says cement’s promise. Shalu looks at him with tears in her eyes. Aakhiri baar plays…..Ayush says I will go now. He leaves in the car. Shalu calls Ishita and asks where are you, we have reached the bus stand. Ishita says I am here. Shalu sees Ishita and goes. Paro asks where is Maa? Shalu says she will come.

Rishi goes behind Lakshmi. Lakshmi says do I need to teach you manners and behavior now. She says I have to go and search my daughter. Rishi says I will come. Lakshmi tells that she will go to school now. She says you didn’t say anything when everyone was blaming her. He says I didn’t say, as you was saying non stop. He says they were asking me not to go behind you, but I came. She says she will search her daughter alone and goes. Shalu tells everything to Ishita and tells that Lakshmi di didn’t know and will get angry. Ishita says she will handle Lakshmi, and asks her to call. Shalu calls Lakshmi and tells her that Paro is with her, and they are on the bus stand. Lakshmi asks auto driver to take her to bus stand.

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Anushka questions Ayush, where he went from court. He says he was searching Paro. Anushka says how did you know that Paro is missing. He says you was asking questions like lawyer. She says you are searching for reasons. Lakshmi comes there and hugs Ishita. Paro calls her. Ayush says he was there. Anushka asks who was that girl? Ayush asks who? Anushka says you are joking? Ayush goes. Paro tells that she was with Maasi. Lakshmi asks Shalu why did she take Paro? Shalu tells her everything about Malishka and her lawyer’s conversation. Lakshmi says you saved Paro this way, and tells that you made their accusations right, and now they are accusing Paro of fleeing from the court. She tells that it is a big crime.

Rishi tells himself that he shall think from Lakshmi’s side and tells that he shall not fight with her. He then thinks that he doesn’t fight with her and calls her. Shalu tells Lakshmi that Judge was about to give verdict against Paro and our lawyer was silent. She says if Paro is sent to juvenile home, then what she would have gone through mentally.

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