Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Tiwari asks Vibhu to tease Angoori

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Vibhu is flirting with Angoori while she waters her plants as usual. Vibhu says the monsoon is about to arrive, and they enjoy it together. Angoori suggests that he enjoy it with Anu. Vibhu claims that she is hazardous. Tiwari arrives and asks why he is bothering Angoori. Vibhu says he was about to go fetch some milk when Angoori contacted him. Angoori denies and blames Vibhu for coming approaching her while she was simply watering the plants. Tiwari informs Vibhu that he must leave because it is getting late to wash Anu’s clothing and quit wasting time. Vibhu informs him that he will exact revenge. Tiwari orders Angoori to prepare his breakfast.

Anu asks David whether he has 50,000 rupees in cash. David chuckles and says all he has is 20 rupees. Anu claims that her grooming class terrace is leaking, and she needs to fix it. David says she can sell him and keep anything she earns. Anu claims she won’t even get 20 rupees from him. Vibhu shows up and agrees with Anu. She requests that Vibhu give her 25,000 rupees. Vibhu begins laughing. Anu informs her that her grooming class ceiling is leaking and must be repaired as soon as possible, and she will donate half of the cost. Vibhu replies, “Where is he going to get the money?” Anh claims that she doesn’t realize all she needs is money.

is on the phone with one of his clients. A strange lady confronts Tiwari and begins slapping him. Tiwari wonders what occurred. She called him Pardeep, and his friend Ramesh taunted her. Tiwari takes out his identity cards and claims to be Tiwari, not Jaikant. She apologizes. Tiwari says he’ll file a complaint against her. She claims she assumed he was her brother-in-law, Jaikant. Tiwari claims he despises the term “brother in law”.

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Tiwari returns to his residence. Angoori opens the door. Angoori wonders why his face is crimson. Tiwari describes everything to Angoori. Angoori claims she loves her brother-in-law, but he sent him abroad. Tiwari claims that he sent no one. Ammaji arrives and Angoori greets and welcomes her. Tiwari also greets Ammaji. Ammaji informs Tiwari that Ramphal told her that Tiwari will be humiliated by many women since it is his fate. Angoori inquires if there is any cure. Ammaji agrees and tells Angoori that she must endure teasing from her brother-in-law. Angoori laughs. Tiwari claims that there is no brother-in-law left in the city. Ammaji says he has to find someone he can rely on to torment Angoori. Tiwari becomes anxious.

PreCap: Angoori tells Vibhu to be aware of this red chilies. Vibhu starts flirting with her. Tiwari gets worried. Angoori calls Ammaji and she tells Angoori that she also has to tease Vibhu. Angoori says that she will kiss him, if he dances for her. Anu sees him and tells Tiwari that this dance will cost extra.