Udaariyaan 8th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Udaariyaan 8th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Shakti telling that Madam (Meher) going to make an important announcement and asks them not to try to become hero infront of her. Sarab tells workers that they will do their work best. Meher and Haniya come there. Sarab thinks he will not say her sorry. Meher also thinks the same. Shakti looks at the load trolley which he has planned to fall on Meher. Meher tells that whoever has good performance, will be rewarded. She says one mistake and you will be out. Sarab sees the trolley about to fall on Meher, and runs to save her. He falls on her and they roll over to safety.The trolley falls on the place where Meher was standing earlier. Everyone gets shocked. Haniya thanks Sarab. Meher slaps him hard. Sarab takes her to her cabin and makes her sit on the chair. Haniya comes there. Sarab says if I wanted to slap her then I would slap her outside, but I care for everyone’s respect. He tells that that day he touched her car and she burnt it and asks what she will do now. He goes. Aasma comes there and asks Meher if she knows that Sarab saved her life. Meher says he is a Servant, how dare he to touch me? Aasma says he saved you as he is a human. She says don’t know what went wrong in my upbringing and tells that she has to take the strict decision. Meher asks what? Aasma says you will know soon. Haniya says Mamma is right. She gets a call and tells that she has to go to farm urgently. Sarab brings his bike and asks her to sit. She sits.

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Munni tells that he has brought clothes for Leo as they will go to Canada. She argues with her husband. Sukhi comes home and scolds Meher for the drama. Meher increases the TV volume. Sukhi asks why she is so much egoistic? She says she is listening. Sukhi gets upset.

Sarab drops Haniya to the farm. The farmers refuse to buy her fertilizers. Sarab says it is trash and asks Haniya to say if he is saying wrong. He motivates her to say. Haniya tells them that her fertilizer is organic and free of chemical. She tells that she has used 2000 Rs fertilizer on her farm. They say that they used 20-25 K fertilizer. They all appreciate her and says they will buy the fertilizer. She says even I can speak. He says she reminds her how she fought for her sister and tells that she just needed a push. Haniya smiles and the song plays…..

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