Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Saxena impersonates Tiwari to threaten Vibhuti

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Anu sees Vibhu and David eating and says that whenever I see you two, either of the two is eating. Vibhu asks her why does this bother you. Anu says because I care for you two, you just keep eating and this affects our liver. David and Vibhu mock her and irritate her.

Angoori walks in upset and complains about Vibhu to Anu. Angoori tells everyone that Vibhu keeps calling Tiwari and provokes him. Vibhu says this is a lie, Tiwari is a liar. Angoori says to him that you are a liar and broke your promise too. Vibhu says I am a very honest man. David starts laughing.

Anu requests Angoori to give Vibhu one more chance and if he repeats I will punish him.

Teeka and Rhusa having ice cream. Saxena calls Rhusa and talks in Tilu’s voice and tells her that Teeka thinks very wrong about you and expressed his ill thoughts about you last night when he was drunk.

Rhusa walks to Teeka and slaps him.

Vinhu having a sandwich, he gets call from Tiwari(Saxena talking as Tiwari). Saxena starts insulting him and confesses that he tricked everyone in believing that Vibhu is culprit and challenges him to come see him.

Teeka attacks Tilu and asks him, how could he tell such things to Rhusa. Tilu says to him that we are friends and I would never do this and both start arguing and fighting. Saxena goes in between them and gets beaten too and enjoys it.

Tiwari in bedroom on call with doctor says that now I am feeling better but if he tries again I won’t leave him. Vibhu comes through window and throws cake on Tiwari and asks him to stay away.

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Vibhu and David discuss how such a big drama queen Tiwari is and keeps fooling Anu. Anu asks them who will fool me?

Vibhu starts praising Anu. Anu asks them whats the matter and then asks Vibhu to get her coffee. Vibhu leaves, Angoori walks in upset and tells Anu that Vibhu again tortured Tiwari, he threw cake on him.

Vibhu walks in and Anu asks him why did he do this? Vibhu says that Tiwari provoked me. Angoori says he didn’t, I have seen by my own eyes. Anu says I will handle this, and asks Angoori is Tiwari home. Angoori says yes he has high BP. Anu says let’s all go to Tiwaris house.

Tiwari on call with doctor about how his BP isnt getting normal. Everyone walks in. Anu says that this is enough now and I can’t take it anymore. Anu asks Vibhu to swear on her that he won’t trouble Tiwari anymore and if he does he will leave the city. Vibhu does as Anu says. Anu asks Tiwari to swear on Angoori that he won’t trouble Vibhu or else he will leave the city. Tiwari does as Angoori says.

Saxena calls Masterji and talks as Gupta. Saxena starts talking about how beautiful his wife looks. Masterji gets angry and disconnects the call. Gupta passes by Masterji and asks how is everything. Masterji whacks him.

Precap: Anu hears Tiwari abuse Vibhu on call. Anu lodges a complaint against Tiwarinfor mentally torturing Vibhu.