Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Virat brings Bhavani back

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Bhavani says what kind of girl was she that she left you? He says I asked myself the question. It’s her bad luck. She couldn’t understand me. I am the best in my eyes. The same goes for you. Bhavani is the best, no one is like you. bhavani asks why? Virat says you raised your crazy daughter and still have black hair. She laughs. Virat says I am very sorry. I didn’t know Mom was planning all this. If I knew I wouldn’t have invited you. She says I know. You didn’t know, but Jay did. Still, he did this. he embarrassed his kids in front of everyone. Virat says some people don’t think about others. Bhavani says that some people only think about others. Like you. Virat says your daughter must be planning my murder. According to her, I would have done this. She blames me for everything. Bhavnai says I will talk to her. He says let’s go. She looks at the door one last time and leaves.

Jahan says I looked everywhere. Bhavani is nowhere. Harsh says I will kill Jayesh if anything happens to my mom. Amruta says let me call the inspector. Harsh says because of that virat we canceled our plans and they did this. He’s responsible for everything. Virat comes there. Amruta and Harsh look at him in anger. Amruta cries and hits Virat. She says why? Why did you do this? Why did you hurt my mom? Bhavani comes there. Amruta is shocked to see her. She hugs her. Amruta cries. Amruta asks are you okay? We asked you to never go anywhere without telling. harsh says we were gonna call the police. Bhavani says I am sorry. I wanted to be alone for a while. I have become a burden. Amruta says don’t you dare to say that. You’re our reason to live. We will handle everything. Amruta asks are you okay? She says I wasn’t. But now I am. She looks at Virat and smiles.

Virat says in his heart you blame me for everything. I know you still think I am always wrong. Amruta says in their heart you never accept your mistakes. She leaves.

Scene 2
Babita gives Nimrit the gifts. Babita says we won’t have to see Jignesh’s family’s face again. Rajiv says your plan was amazing. Babita says they will regret it for life. Nimrit says that we should celebrate and focus on ourselves and not waste our time on them. Rajiv says Mom is doing this for us. Amruta created so many problems for us. Babita says I will teach you how to handle such people. We will celebrate you both on the holi. You both will apply color to each other first.

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Amruta calls someone, she says I don’t want my dad’s divorce to proceed. I want to prove my dad isn’t married so he can’t remarry. Abhiraj hears this. Amruta says sir you should come here and question them. According to law, he can’t marry. Abhiraj hides. She sees Virat coming there. She looks at him in anger. Virat says what happened? Don’t you wanna blame me today? I am used to your false blames. She says they’re true. You accused me without any proof and got me jailed. We lost our house because of that. You were there when the gas blast happened. You said you’d do a blast. All of this can’t be a coincidence. You hate me and so do your mom. I can’t openly accuse her even then. But I feel bad for my mom as well. You called her where her marriage was breaking, to break her heart. You’ve no humanity. You do everything openly. I don’t want to talk to you anymore or accuse you. He says what did you just do? You hate me right? just tell me the color of your hate. Amruta says I don’t need to talk to you. I want to get rid of you on holi. He says you can hate me. I don’t wanna play holi anyway. I hate those colors. I don’t even wanna see them. Amruta says thank you. For finding my mom. She leaves. Abhiraj heard the conversation.

A guy calls Abhiraj and says I am outside the door. Abhiraj meets the guy and says what are you doing here? He gives Abhiraj bhang. Virat comes there. He asks what are you doing? Abhiraj says nothing. Virat says if mom didn’t want you here I would have kicked you out. Don’t you dare to play games with me?

Scene 3
Nimrit says to Virat let’s go play holi. Virat says I don’t like playing holi you know. I’ve worked. Nimrit says I thought you left your past behind. We’re in Mumbai this time. I thought you’d celebrate. It’s my first holi after the wedding. I know you love your past more than me. You won’t come. Kavita says it’s fine. If he comes to play he won’t like it. Babita will get Ishika and Jay engaged today. She will do all the wedding preparations herself. Virat says in heart I’ve to be there to stop it. Virat says to Nimrit I will play holi. He picks the color gun. She syas no not now. She runs around the house. Virat runs after her with color gun. Amruta looks at them.

Episode ends

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