Udaariyaan 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan supports Aasma

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The Episode starts with Aasma going to get the honey from the bee hive. She lights a firetorch to make the bees away. She climbs over the wall and gets the honey. She applies the honey in everyone’s eyes. Armaan says I will apply honey to your eyes. Aasma says no, I will do. Neetu thanks Shampy. Simmi comes. Shampy says I had to save your eyes. Sukhi thinks you didn’t give me a chance to think that you can be away for this house. She makes Simmi fall. Simmi drops the phone. Aasma slips. Armaan holds her in arms. Aasma goes. Simmi thinks Shampy ruined everything again. Armaan comes to Aasma’s room and sees the fake moustache. He holds Aasma close. O soniye….plays…

Armaan says I got to know you are Aasma, not Shampy, when fire was lit in the house, just Aasma risks her life and saves us, why. Aasma cries. She tells him about Simmi. He says she proved she is Meher’s mum, I have nothing to lose, just Meher, my daughter, I can’t live without her, please, don’t do anything that she goes away from me. He goes. She cries and says even 6 years later, you didn’t trust me, its about Meher, I won’t go from here.

Simmi talks on call. She says I will hand over all the photos to you. Armaan comes. Simmi gets scared. He says I will come there directly, what happened. She says I got a chance to go with Meher. He says cool, I will see Meher. He goes. She says everyone will doubt that I m not Meher’s mum, I have to attend this event. Meher tells Aasma about the sports day games. Aasma says you are strong, you will win. She goes and makes the tiffin. She talks to Haniya on call. She says I promise, I will come with you. Sukhi asks everyone to come. Simmi says I think you should also come. Sukhi says he has much work at home. Simmi says if we need any help, then you can help us. Rano asks Shampy to come. Aasma agrees to come. She thinks to go. At the event, Aasma thinks Haniya might get upset and not come here, sorry. Sukhi sees Aasma crying. Simmi thinks to go. Haniya comes. Aasma apologizes. Haniya smiles. Armaan comes there. Haniya says my mumma had imp work. Neetu asks why are you crying, Shampy. Rano says Aasma didn’t come, she shows like she worries a lot for Meher. Sukhi stops her. The teacher says sorry, Haniya, you can’t participate in the race without your parent. Armaan says I will participate with Haniya. Simmi thinks I can’t have a problem until Aasma isn’t here.

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They participate in the race. Simmi drops Meher down. Meher shouts to Armaan. Armaan and Haniya win. Armaan sees Meher crying. He asks Haniya to stay there. He runs to Meher. Aasma also runs to Meher. Aasma holds Meher and consoles her. She lifts Meher and completes the game. Armaan thinks Aasma’s moustache and turban will get off with the water pressure. Armaan worries and runs with a towel. He covers up Aasma and asks Shampy are you fine. Aasma says yes. Aasma says go and dry your clothes. Rano says Shampy saved my son. Armaan dries Aasma’s hair. O mahiya….plays… She thanks him. Simmi gets angry and feeds Meher. She thinks to do her work and leave. Armaan says I didn’t know the truth. Aasma asks what. He says I got DNA test report, Meher’s DNA doesn’t match with Simmi, I have no fear now. Someone looks on. Aasma says Simmi isn’t Meher’s mum, her love proves it, a mum can die for her child. Rano asks why didn’t Armaan and Shampy come. Simmi says I will go and see. Aasma asks will you tell everyone. Armaan says yes. Aasma says no, Simmi didn’t come here for Meher and you, we have to know her motive. He says what can be her motive. Simmi comes and sees them.

The episode ends