Barsatein 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna and Reyansh try to sort their issues

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The Episode starts with Varun saying Jai talks a lot about you, you are so pretty, workaholic, professional, right. Aradhna says pleased to meet you. She goes. Varun says dad wants me to join office, I want a gym here. Jai says your obsession won’t end. Varun says I love it. Jai gets Akash’s call. Akash says there is a big deal in Singapore, I can’t go, you have to go tonight. Jai says okay, I will let you know. He goes to Aradhna and says we have to leave for Singapore tonight, there is an imp meeting, there is a big event, you can cover a big story, don’t say no, it’s a bad habit to say no to boss. She says okay.

Varun is on video call with Kriti. Jai says Varun, we are leaving for Singapore, will you join us. Varun says yes, I will just come. Jai says he is naughty, don’t mind. Kriti asks where is Jai going. Varun says Singapore. She asks why. He says he might have some work. She says I will call you later. She ends call and says why are Jai and Aradhna going to Singapore, something is wrong, I have to find out and stop. She calls Reyansh. She asks where are you. She meets Reyansh and says I have seen blind man in love. He feeds her sweets and says Aradhna and I are getting married. Kriti says no, she is marrying Jai, I thought you will stop this marriage, don’t be Kabir Singh, be SRK from DDLJ.

Kriti says they are going there to marry, do something and stop them. Reyansh calls Jai. Jai doesn’t answer. He gets angry. She says call Akash and find out. He calls Akash. He asks where is Jai. Akash says he is going for imp work, don’t trouble him, stay away, please. Reyansh says I have to go to airport and stop Jai. Aradhna says my bag… Jai checks his passport. Reyansh comes to the office and asks where are you taking Aradhna, I won’t let you take her. Aradhna says I will see how you stop me. Reyansh says don’t challenge me. Jai says don’t come between my work. Reyansh argues and says face me, you take her and show me. Aradhna scolds him.

Reyansh tears Jai’s passport. Jai and Aradhna get shocked. Jai says you fool, I had an imp meeting there. Reyansh asks really, I know everything, why you both were going there and why, you were going to get married. Aradhna asks did you go mad, we are going to media hub, you forgot you are a reporter, you don’t want us to work. Reyansh says you were going to marry Jai, why. He scolds Jai. Aradhna pushes Reyansh and says yes, we are going to marry. Reyansh says you are lying. She says when you know the truth, then why did you do this drama. She asks Reyansh to answer her. She scolds him. Reyansh says Aradhna is mine. Jai says don’t test my patience. Reyansh scolds him. Jai says you fool, you have torn my passport, who will pay for my loss, you handle your heartbreak, I know to explain in your language also, I will break your legs if you come here again, my lawyers will send you the bill of the loss. Reyansh says you both were going for meeting. Aradhna says we were going to marry. He says you learnt to lie. She says you just know to ruin things. She goes. Reyansh worries. He leaves. Aradhna sits in the driver’s seat and speeds the car. Reyansh asks why are you driving so fast. She says we will die together. He asks did you go mad.

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He says I want to live and have kids, a truck is coming. She says jump down, take your chance to live without me. He says I don’t want to live without you, if we can’t live together then we will die, I decided, I m with you. Main teri hogai….plays…. She stops the car.

She asks him to get out. He says you saved my life, accept it, you think you hate me, hate me as much as you want, but you can’t live without me, you saved dad, we are made for each other, I don’t want to force you for marriage, I m yours, marriage is just an excuse, we have no place of any third person. She says I don’t want your passion, I don’t hate you, I just want to forget you, leave me. She cries.

He says fine, just one dinner and evening, then we will do whatever you say. She says fine, you don’t trouble my parents and Jai. He says okay. She says I will come, just once, just one evening. He says I will live my entire life in that one evening. She gets down the car and goes. Akash says it’s a big loss, what happened to you. He scolds Jai. He says when Aradhna’s alliance came for you, you are leaving her for Reyansh, no, you won’t decide for Reyansh. Jai asks will I take revenge like him. Akash says no, self defence, think about yourself. Jai says sorry, I don’t want to marry. Akash says I will call Bhakti and say we are ready for this alliance. Jai messages Aradhna and asks her to meet. Varun says I know you were talking to Aradhna. Jai says yes, I m going to meet her. Varun says say yes for marriage. Jai leaves. Kriti calls Varun. She asks the update. He says sorry, I love my brother, why shall I tell you. Kriti says I care for Jai and want his happiness, I will get disturbed if you don’t tell me. Varun says Jai is going to meet Aradhna, I guess, its right. Jai meets Aradhna and says I want to ask you. Aradhna says I can’t, I told yes for arranged marriage, knowing what you feel for me, I can’t do this, I can’t return your love. Jai says Kadambari and you are different, don’t worry, I m not forcing you for anything, I got this ring since I love you. Reyansh comes and looks on. He recalls Kriti’s words. He thinks she didn’t come to meet me after promising and came to get engaged to Jai.

Reyansh beats up Jai. He pushes Aradhna. Aradhna asks Jai to marry her. She says I won’t marry Reyansh. She holds Jai’s hand and leaves. Reyansh says I will kill Jai.