Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Refuses To Take A Bribe


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Vibhu catches Commissioner’s wife, and she tells that her husband is commissioner and refuses to pay the fine. Manohar also takes her side. Vibhu calls Commissioner and informs him about the situation. Commissioner orders him to fine, and he will suspend commissioner as well. Manohar starts whining. Vibhu fines her and she leaves.

Tiwari is talking to Sandhu and he learns that Sandhu didn’t get the money which Tiwari sent him. Tiwari tells Anu about the situation. Anu says that Tillu is his trusted man, he should look over him. Tiwari gets irritated. Anu says Tillu might have used the money for his own needs. Just then, Tillu shows up and says that he didn’t took any money, but Vibhu took the money as fine. Anu says that it’s his duty, Tillu must have done something too. Tiwari says, whatever has happened its always his loss. Tiwari says that Vibhu is giving hints and we should hire him. Anu says, it’s not easy. Tiwari says that they need a dealer to buy Vibhu. David shows up. Anu asks David to convince Vibhu not to fine their vehicle, and he will also get some money. David agrees.

An old lady trying to cross the road. Vibhu goes up to help her. He teaches her to cross the road only when the singal is red. Vibhu hells her to cross the road. A vehicle stops at the zebra crossing and calls the driver outside. Prem gets off his vehicle. Vibhu tells him that he stopped his vehicle on the zebra crossing and fines him for 100rs. Prem says that he helped him a lot. Vibhu ignores him and asks for the money. Prem hands over the fine and leaves.

David and Vibhu are drinking together. Vibhu tells him to he want less alcohol, because he has to get back to work tomorrow. David asks, what profit is going to make in the future. Vibhu says, he doesn’t know. David advises him to start taking bribes. Vibhu gets angry and starts yelling at David. He says that he’s determined and honest officer, he will never do such cheap acts. Anu shows up and asks Vibhu what happened? Vibhu tells Anu that David is telling him to take bribes, and trying to destroy his morals. Anu says that David is older than him, and should definitely take his advises. Vibhu asks Anu, how many advises did she take? Anu says that no one has expectations from her. David agrees with her. Vibhu says that he should leave this house. Anu also agrees and orders him to leave. Vibhu says that he will always he be honest. Saxena shows up and tells Anu that he doesn’t agree with her, and takes Vibhu with him. Vibhu gets up and leaves.

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Saxena says that he will help him. Anu yells at David, and says that he’s not good for nothing, and cant even corrupt his own nephew.

Saxena is giving massage to Vibhu. Vibhu feels relaxed and says that he will pay for his massage. Vibhu slaps him as a payment. Saxena tells Vibhu that there is an electric pole where he performs his duty, and he wants to swing on that. Vibhu says, sure.

Vibhu catches a person who was trying to trick him, he fines him for 100rs. Everyone passes by and praises Vibhu for his duty. Everyone starts cheering him. Anu and Tiwari watches Vibhu and gets confused. Anu asks Tiwari, what is happening? Tiwari says that they cannot hire Vibhu, because man of sheer morals and everyone love him for that. Anu asks, then what can they do? Tiwari says that they can take help of Angoori.

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