Pandya Store 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal fights for Isha


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The Episode starts with Isha saying Dhawal loved me a lot, he couldn’t live without his Didi, I left the house 3 years back and no one looked for me, just because I wanted to pursue my dreams. Natasha asks why did you come back home. Isha says sometimes, relations have no value in front of dreams. Amrish says Isha was our sister, now this relation is broken. He says I m not interested in joining this relation, Isha has no place in this house, she sacrificed her relations to live her life by her wish. Isha says I didn’t choose this life of loneliness, I have paid this price to live my life by my wish, because rules are imp to Makhwanas, more than my happiness, peace and freedom, I had to keep my dreams alive by killing my relations, yes, I have chosen my dreams over family. She cries and says I paid a price, I left that house, they believe women shouldn’t work.

Isha cries. Amrish says she didn’t think for mum and us, why should we think about her. Dhawal says she is our only sister, she stood against our rules for doing something, she is our blood, she didn’t come back, we didn’t try to find her, I feel she is in some problem so she came back. Amrish says she left this house and relations, I don’t care if she is in some problem. Isha says I have nothing to tell you, don’t ask me anything else. Natasha thinks the house rules made her away. She gets sad. Isha says just go away and don’t tell anyone about me, else… their hearts will get bitter and angry, I don’t exist for them, their son got missing and they got scared. Chiku comes. Isha wipes her tears. He asks what are you doing here. Isha says I went home, Natasha also came, thief came there, then we saw the thief. Natasha thinks she is an expert in lying. Chiku asks where is the thief. Natasha says he has run away, we are going back home. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He hugs her.

Isha looks at them and cries. Natasha says I will talk to you later. He asks how did you reach home. She says by auto, isn’t it my house, can’t I go there. She goes. Isha says she didn’t tell me anything, I m also going home. They leave. Dolly says you are so heartless, you have let your sister go away. Chirag says don’t tell anything, I will explain later. Natasha comes home and hears Amrish and Dhawal arguing about Isha. Amrish says she would have not left us, if she loves us, we loved her a lot. He explains Dhawal about relations. Amba cries. They see Natasha. Everyone goes. Natasha says Isha didn’t have big reasons to leave the house, they are so upset with her, Shweta took me for seven years, but everyone accepted her later. Dhawal sees Isha’s pic and cries. Natasha comes and sees him. She thinks he got sensitive, he won’t tell me anything.

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She gives him a tissue. She says have food, its Diwali tomorrow, we have a lot of work to do. Dhawal refuses to have food. She thinks how to ask him. She tells him about Diwali. She says I will put diyas in the house, we don’t know what relation comes back to join again. Esha tries to open the window. She says Natasha would have told everyone, I should leave from here before my brothers come. Natasha says I like Diwali a lot and I will celebrate it well. Dhawal gets sad and talks about relations. She says you have to try and make it possible, love doesn’t end. Dhawal recalls his cute fights with Isha. FB shows Dhawal giving a birthday gift to Isha. She says you are so cute. She opens it and sees the empty box. Dhawal teases her. She scolds him. He gives her a ring. She hugs him. He says we will take a selfie. They smile. FB ends. Dhawal says I like Diwali but it doesn’t get good every time. Natasha cries seeing him sad. Chiku comes to Isha. He asks what are you doing, why are you opening the window screw. He thinks something is going on. Natasha goes to see Amba. She finds Amba missing Isha. Hetal asks Amrish to sleep. He says no, you sleep, leave me alone. Natasha looks on. She thinks entire family is worried, I have to get Isha home, Isha will celebrate Diwali with her family.
Natasha talks to the other bahus. Natasha says we can bring Esha home, I have to get her back.