Radha Mohan 16th November 2023 Written Episode Update: The Terrorist inform the hostages about the bomb


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MR X points the gun at Gungun saying she feels he does not love either his wife or daughter and his mistake can end both of their lives. Mohan is worried so has no other option but to leave both the terrorists, Damini thinks it is good for him as she can kill the rest of three leaving Mohan and her problem would end. Kadambari pleads with Mohan to let them both go so he thinking about his family and the rest of the passengers on the plane is forced to let them both go. Mr X starts smiling but she finally removes the gun. She asks them all to come with her. The terrorist punches Mohan who is not able to fight back while the other one also starts beating Mohan, Kadambari pleads with Mr X to let her son go, she even requests with everyone to help them but they immediately refuse. Gungun also requests them to let her father go, Bunty warns Kadambari to stay quiet. Molana jee pleads with Tabriz to stop and wonders what is he doing but he keeps punching Mohan. The passengers are all begging for mercy but the terrorists are not stopping and continuously keep beating Mohan, seeing which even Damini is worried. Radha is not able to control her emotions and tries to reach for Mohan but she is being kept with a knife to her neck. The terrorist finally force Mohan to stand up and then push him onto his chair, Gungun asks him if he is fine. Mr X is smiling standing in front of them all. Radha not being able to control herself hits the air hostess on her foot and then tries to run to Mohan but is stopped by Mr X who pulls her hair, she questions where is Radha going and does she think she is Durga Maa, or Khalli, and her Bhagwan is going to come and save her but she should keep this stupid confidence in her pocket, she even pushes Radha who falls beside Mohan seeing which he gets furious while even kadambari si worried. Mr X exclaims there is only one Bhagwan here and it is herself, hearing this everyone is tensed when Mr X warns her to not show her strength and to keep herself alive by behaving like a coward. She threatens to kill anyone who tries to be courageous as there are not going to be any second chances. Mr X orders two of the boys to gets up and bring the dead body with them, she threatens them with dire consequences if they do not listen to her instructions so both the men start picking the dead body. Bunty sees Aman singh is still resting on the floor so he pushes him to his seat remembering how he tried to hit him

Kadambari asks Gungun to not be worried and keep breathing as her father is fine, she promises that nothing will happen when Gungun is still traumatized.

Radha is applying the bandage to the injuries of Mohan seeing which Damini is furious. Mohan asks Radha to stop crying as he is fine but she replies he has gotten hurt a lot, he asks her to stop. Radha picks the Murti of her Ba Kai Bihari jee to whom she starts prostrating. Damini angrily exclaims there was a very good chance to get rid of Radha but how is she saved all the time, Damini sees the Ba kai Bihari jee and exclaims he has come with her, she says she has to see how Radha is saved from these terrorists.

Radha once again holds the hand of Mohan who is still staring at the terrorists and she even sees the gun in the hands of Mr X.

The air hostess rushes to inform the captain that this plane has been hijacked and they should inform the ATC, just then there is a bullet fired which shocked everyone who wonder what has happened. Mr X has killed the air hostess seeing which everyone gets traumatized once again, Mr X picks the cell phone revealing the girl was telling the truth and this plane has been hijacked so they should open the cockpit door otherwise she will kill each and every passengers as now this plan will go where they desire. Radha gets furious wondering how are they behaving with the people saying they would not get a place even in hell.

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In the ATC they find out that the flight has changed its direction so they call the flight questioning why did they change their direction, Mr X is pointing a gun at thee pilots so they donot respond while the official comes informing that the flight is about to be hijacked hearing which the officials at the ATC get worried and they decide to inform their seniors and even the Anti terrorism squad.

The Inspector is Varandhwan gets the call and after answering ti gets really worried, he places down the phone when Vishwaniyat asks if their family is safe, Inspector replies they were late in taking action and the plane has already been hijacked, ketki is really tensed explaining their entire family is on the plane and nothing can happen to them, Ajeet asks Ketki to sit down promising that everything is going to be fine. Inspector once again gets the call and then promises to bring everyone, he asks the entire Trivedi family to come with him as they do not have the time for any questions.

The terrorist is making the video of all the passengers who are sitting on the plane including of Kadambari and Gungun whom he slaps, Mohan tries to threaten him but he pointing the gun warns him to stay quiet, he even turns his gun to Damini who is terrified,

The official in the ATC says that they cannot find the new route of the plane when the seniors warn that this news should not get out from this room, the lady official says the news has already gotten out as the terrorists are spreading the video through the satellite phone, when the official says nothing can happen but Kavita requests to handle this case when the senior talks of her previous negotiation so she says she knows that it failed but with it she even lost her daughter this is why she resigned, she takes out the photo of her daughter which she starts staring. Kavita mentions she does not want any parent to lose their children so can she handle this case, the seniors start consulting each other after which they agree to give Kavita a chance ordering Harsh to send the mail of Kavita’s rejoining. Kavita immediately starts getting back to work and tries to locate the route plan, she wonders what would be happening with the hostages.

The old lady mentions that her husband was taking her to get her treated but she feels they will take her life on the plane, even the pregnant women prays that nothing should happen to her child so her husband promise that nothing will happen to her, even the newly wed couple requests the terrorist to let them go. Mr Aman singh questions what would they get from doing all this, the terrorist says they know what they will get but if anyone of them opens their mouth then they would get hit in the head with a bullet, Mahant requests the terrorist let them go while even one of the terrorist asks the Molana to not be worried and just chill as they will never let anything happen to their partner. Mr X praises her sub ordinates mentioning everyone should think they are Muslims as only then would their plan really work and the mission Happy Diwali be accomplished.

Gungun slowly stands up asking Ramaa what are they going to do and how would they return to their house, Radha asks Gungun to believe in Ba Kai Bihari jee but she must sit down, Mr X comes explaining her mother is telling the truth as Ba Kai Bihari jee surely helps everyone, she even prostrates before Ba Kai Bihari jee thanking him for his help explaining they have brought their most important weapon in his bag, hearing which everyone is shocked. Mr X explains they prepared the bomb while getting the house of Radha Trivedi and then hid it in the bag of Ba Kai Bihari jee. Mr X reveals how they managed to get the bag through the security check but was allowed to bring the bag as it contained Ba kai Bihari jee. Mr X says they all are emotional and religious fools demanding that Radha should see how her blind faith in Bhagwan as brought her near to her death, hearing which everyone is worried while all the terrorists are smiling.