Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi saves Karun


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Kashvi tells Dadi that she wouldn’t have come here if she didn’t have any reason. She says I returned as there was new born baby’s smuggling racket going on, and I know the feel of losing a child. She recalls Doctor’s words that her son could live for 30 mins, and was weak. She says she don’t want anyone from her past to collide with her, and asks driver to drive. Karun comes to the shop and thinks to get smart phone for his Mamma and thinks then she will let me sleep with her, and will sing lori for me. He thinks she will love me and I can spend time with her. He tells the seller that he wants the latest phone. The seller asks where is your Papa? Karun tells that he has the credit card also. The seller says ok. Karun thinks his Mamma is clever. He recalls Mahima asking him to steal the phone and then she will love him very much. Arjun comes to the lane and searches Karun. He don’t see him in the shop. Karun looks at the phone. The seller says they are all latest phone. Karun says I will decide what to buy and runs taking the phone. The seller/salesman runs behind him.

Dadi asks Driver to stop the car as she has to buy Diwali stuff. Kashvi is working on her laptop, and tells that she will end the work in 2 mins. Dadi says she will buy the stuff, and tells Kashvi that she has drown herself in work and has no social life. She prays that someone shall come in her life, who gives hopes and dreams in her life, who is yours more than others. She goes out. Karun is running and going from there. Kashvi sees the truck coming from the other way and is about to hit the boy (Karun). She gets down from the car and runs to save Karun who is on the middle of the road. Karun gets shocked seeing the truck and shouts Mamma. Kashvi lifts him and takes him to side, in a nick of time. She takes him to side and hugs him, asking if he is fine. The truck driver stops the truck. Kashvi feels connected to him, as if he is close to her. Karun faints and calls her Mamma. Kashvi thinks he called me Mamma, but my son left me. She says if I had a son then he would be of his age. She gets worried and asks him to open his eyes. The truck driver says it is good that you saved him and asks what to do now for her son. Kashvi says my son.

Romila sees Mahima having something. She asks how can you have anything and playing game on mobile when your son is missing. Mahima tells that she is relaxed and playing game, as she has played this game. She tells that she will never let Arjun know that Karun is not her son. She gets courier and takes it. She tells Romila that she got letter from Karun’s school and gets happy. Romila asks her to read it. Mahima reads it and tells that Karun didn’t get admission in the school. She says she thought to befriend the super rich moms of the children of the school. She opens another letter and gets shocked.

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Romila asks what happened? Mahima tells her that Arjun has cleared the civil service exams and now he has to go for training. She says I won’t let this happen. Romila says this is good news. Mahima says what I will tell my friends that my husband left business and now he will go for civil service training, says this is very down market. Romila tells her that Arjun needs this job very much. She says after his training, he will become Civil service officer. She says his sign can change your bank balance, and then you will become up market from down market. Mahima smiles.

Arjun hears the guy talking that the accident happened there, and the boy was saved from death. He comes to the accident spot, but Karun and Kashvi are not there. He asks someone about the boy. The lady tells that the boy’s mother saved him and took him home. A fb is shown, the truck driver appreciates Kashvi for saving her son and says only a mother can save her son. Kashvi takes Karun to her car. Fb ends. Arjun thinks thank god the boy is not Karun as Mahima is at home. Kashvi sprinkles water on Karun and asks him to open his eyes. The truck driver gives mobile box to Kashvi, and says it must be of this boy. He keeps it in the car and goes. Karun picks the box. The mobile shop salesman comes there and asks Kashvi to give phone to him, and says it is of his shop, and her son has stolen it. Kashvi asks are you sure? The salesman asks her to check the serial number and says you have done his wrong upbringing, he has stolen phone in this age, and says don’t know what he will do after growing up. Kashvi looks on.

Precap: Arjun tells Mahima that a lady saved their Karun and took him to her house. Kashvi tells Dadi that she got purpose of life and met her dream man. Dadi asks where? Kashvi asks her to see down. Dadi sees Karun. Kashvi asks Karun to give his Dad’s number and calls Arjun. She says hello.