Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan convinces Dadi


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan asking Dadi to give a chance to Abhira. He says Abhira isn’t my mistake, but my responsibility. Sanjay says you are just a chance for her to get rich overnight, you aren’t understanding it, cancel this marriage, else your life and our family respect will get ruined. Armaan says I never asked Dadi for anything, I didn’t need to ask, but I ask today, let Abhira stay in this house, please. Madhav hears them and thinks I couldn’t show courage before, my son is taking a stand for his wife, bravo Armaan. Sanjay and everyone get messages on their phones. Sanjay shows the video to Dadi. Dadi sees Armaan’s marriage news.

Manisha says congrats, you are getting praised in the media. Dadi gets quiet. Vidya says the guests would know it by now, please say yes for Abhira’s Mu dikhai. Dadi gets angry. She taunts Armaan. She says do that girl’s Mu dikhai and goes. Abhira sits studying. Armaan gets noodles for her. She feels hungry. He says I have made these. She refuses. He asks her to have it.

She cries and says I m missing Mussoorie, my house and mumma. He says I remembered the tasted, I had eaten it in your resort. She thanks him. He asks her to have it. She asks is there more noodles. He says yes. She asks him to get it. He goes and gets another bowl for her. She says its for you, you didn’t have food since a long time, sit. She says I don’t have a habit to share food with anyone. He says but I do, I have stayed in joint family. She says I lived without a family. He says we are poles apart. He sees Ruhi crying. He goes to her and says I know you are upset with me. She scolds him.

He says Abhira and my marriage is one year contract. She asks what. He says yes, we both don’t want to stay in this relation, so we have a deal, we will file divorce when she gets independent. She says your family is upset, can you tolerate this. He says yes, I have a family to get upset, she had only her mum, she lost her mum because of me, I can tolerate this for her, she is my guilt and responsibility also, I promised Akshu, I will make Abhira a lawyer, I will keep my promise, it’s a responsibility, not love. She says tell everything to Dadi. He says no, Abhira’s life is in danger, she won’t stay safe anywhere, please don’t tell this to anyone.

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Ruhi asks what will you tell everyone after a year. He says I m already bad in their eyes. She asks why did you tell this to me, you have snatched my hatred, what shall I do. He says help me and Abhira, please, can you become her friend. She asks why me. He says no one knows the marriage truth, because you are the best. She says I will help you. Abhira sees Manisha and Manoj at the door. They go away. Abhira studies. She sees Aryan and everyone at the door. She says they are strange, why do they come to see me. Manoj says you all were keeping an eye on Abhira. Manisha says we are elders. Krish says Abhira is so rude. Charu says its okay. Manoj jokes. Abhira comes and watches them arguing.

Krish sees Abhira and alerts them. They all make excuse and leave. Vidya gives clothes and says Armaan, its for you and Abhira, get ready and come. Armaan hugs her and says sorry, forgive me, I have hurt your heart and broke your trust, even then you spoke to Dadi for me. She pacifies him. She asks him to keep the relation by heart. She says she isn’t your love or my choice, she is just a problem for our family. He says she will try… She says the elder bahu doesn’t try but keeps the family together, how will she become the elder bahu.

Abhira says I will not come for Mu dikhai. They argue. Sanjay welcomes the guests. He says Abhira is clever, we wanted to throw her out, but now we are welcoming guests in her Mu dikhai. Armaan asks Abhira to do the rasam. Abhira says Dadi will taunt me for trapping you, I m not saying anything wrong, its not fair that I come there for their sake. He says please come for some time. She says no. Kajal talks to the guests. She says Ruhi has come. Dadi smiles seeing Ruhi coming with a ghunghat on her face. The lady asks Vidya to get her elder bahu. Abhira says I won’t come. Armaan insists her to come. He gives her the dupatta to wear. She throws it and says I won’t come downstairs. She shouts. The dupatta falls over them. Everyone hears her. The ladies gossip about Abhira’s temper.

Abhira and Ruhi dance. Abhira’s saree falls off. Armaan runs to fix it. Dadi scolds Abhira.