Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kashvi tells Arjun that Simran told that she will come on time, but she didn’t come till now and says I just hope that there is nothing wrong. Just then someone pushes Simran from the terrace. Kashvi and Arjun get shocked. They run to Simran. Simran is much injured and says Kashvi…I want to tell you that your….

Few hours back, Kashvi asks Adi who was that lady who was talking to him. Adi says they are Micky’s family. He says just Simran called and asked me to keep Micky in lock up for his safety, else her family and villagers will kill him. Kashvi says I will talk to Micky.

Mahima comes home and sees Karun crying. She asks what happened? Karun tells her everything and tells that he has cut ties with Kashvi. He says whoever will say bad about my mother, I will not bear. Mahima thinks now Kashvi will never know that Karun is her son.

Kashvi meets Micky and says she is not telling that his feelings are wrong, but that Simran is married and has a son. She says it is not necessary that you will get your love and he/she also love you. She asks him to understand and says the girl who is ready to leave her husband, family and son, she can leave you for someone else. Micky says you are saying this, as your love was incomplete. He says you loved Arjun and he betrayed you and married Mahima. He says your love story is incomplete, and that doesn’t mean that my love story will be incomplete too. Adi hears them and gets shocked. He says this means Kashvi was married to Arjun, and that’s why she kissed him. He says she told that she loves her ex husband and he is none other than Arjun, then why did he hide this from me. He thinks why kashvi saved Arjun, knowing he cheated on her and now he is married and has a son. He says I know that Kashvi will not put anyone’s marriage in danger and thinks she might have went with the flow of emotions, as she loves Arjun. He thinks he has no place in future picture.

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Kashvi tells Micky that she was unlucky in love and couldn’t stay with Arjun. She says I married Arjun knowing that he don’t love me, and then what happened? She says the girl whom you loves is already married and has a son. Micky says I am fed up of listening to this and tells that the boy is not Simran’s son. He says it is Harman’s first wife’s son and they don’t want anyone to know that the boy is not of Simran’s child. Kashvi asks why did Simran marry Harman? Micky tells that her parents took a huge amount from Harman and got their daughter marry Harman. She says Simran is so good and has taken care of the boy so well. He says when she loves me, if she don’t have the right to think of her happiness. He says they used to beat her and made her life as hell, and that’s why I want to bring her out from there. He says I didn’t tell you before as Simran asked me not to say anything, else they will beat her. He says I will die without Simran. Kashvi assures him that her love story is incomplete, but she will not let her brother’s love story be incomplete.

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