Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan cries for Abhira

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Manish blessing Abhira and thinking why am I feeling like I m going to lose Akshara once again. Abhira leaves in the cab. Armaan takes a bath. He sees Abhira’s toy tortoise and thinks of her. Armaan sees the family pic. Manisha comes. He says I can never pay back for the family’s love. She says you love Abhira. He says I understood, but I can’t hurt Vidya, she gave me a life. Manisha says her happiness is in your happiness, think about yourself and Abhira. He says some hearts can’t unite, its my mistake, I realized my love but its too late. Manish goes to apply haldi to Ruhi. Swarna says stop, haldi mahurat is over. Manisha says fight for your love, people give their lives for love. Armaan says I can lose my life, but not Maa, I will marry for her sake. Ruhi says my love doesn’t depend on any mahurat. She makes Manish apply haldi to her. She says my haldi and marriage will happen today. Abhira asks driver to hurry up. Doctor calls Sanjay, and says Madhav got conscious, he is taking Armaan and Abhira’s name. Sanjay says I will come there.

Kabhi banke…. Plays… Ruhi gets the haldi applied. Armaan gets ready. Abhira cries. Vidya ties the pagdi to Armaan and wishes Armaan and Ruhi get happiness. Sanjay finds Madhav missing and scolds the doctor. Ruhi asks Swarna to hurry up. She says finally, I will get my love today. Abhira says I have to go from here, I have no one here. Armaan sits sad. Dadi looks on. Manisha thinks your happiness is with Abhira, fight for it. Kajal thinks this marriage won’t happen if Armaan and Abhira’s separation didn’t happen. Ruhi shows Armaan and her pics. Surekha shows Armaan’s DP to Ruhi and says there is someone else in it. Ruhi says he is alone. Surekha asks her to see it carefully. Ruhi’s phone falls. Abhira says all the hurdles are coming here, my slipper also broke, I don’t want any drama in Mussoorie.

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Dadi says you proved it Armaan, you aren’t like Madhav, you are my grandson and then Madhav’s son, I love you a lot. Vidya gets happy and says Maasa told this for the first time. Manish says I have explained you a lot, but remember this house will always be yours, if there is any problem, then come back home. Ruhi says Armaan and I will come together to meet you, everything will be fine. He says I wish so. Vidya says Armaan will be happy with Ruhi. Abhira gets a call. She says I have no connection with that family and wedding. She takes the call. Charu says its me, Charu, Armaan’s sword is missing, the new wedding planner doesn’t know about it. Manisha and Vidya leave. Dadi says I will never forget what you are doing for this house, stay happy. He cries and removes the pagdi. He recalls Abhira’s words and thinks I m so sorry, I have no courage to take a stand for our love. Vidya asks him to come downstairs. Abhira talks to Charu. Armaan takes the phone and sees Abhira on the video call. Maine zindagi tere naam ki….plays…. Armaan asks Charu to just leave.

Abhira applies the black dot to him. Her bus ticket flies off. The conductor calls the people for Mussoorie bus. Abhira wishes Armaan. She ends call. Vidya asks him to come soon. Abhira looks for the ticket. Conductor asks her to hurry up. She gets the ticket and picks it. He asks her to come. She boards the bus.

Armaan says I love Abhira, I can’t marry you. Ruhi is shocked. Abhira says Armaan is marrying Ruhi.