Jhanak 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Anirudh falls in a dilemma

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The Episode starts with Bharat saying you got brainwashed. Anirudh argues with the family. He defends Jhanak. Arshi asks why did Tejas blackmail Jhanak by taking Anirudh’s name. Anirudh says just Jhanak can answer this. Jhanak says I would do anything to save the person I know, he saved my life always, he has done many favors on me, how could I forget his contribution, would I tell Tejas that he can kill Anirudh but I won’t marry him, I have saved your would be husband’s life, you should be thankful to me, you are blaming me. Bipasha asks what are you doing here. Anirudh says I came for Jhanak’s exams, Shrishti did wrong to help Tejas, police has filed a police complaint, you could have fallen in big trouble if your name came out, call records can be found easily. Shubh asks him to think well and talk. Tanuja says we can see how he got affected by Jhanak. Bipasha says tell him why we came here. Bharat asks Anirudh to focus on his marriage. Anirudh asks will you tell me now. Bharat asks why didn’t you come to my house. Anirudh scolds him. Shubh says mind your words.

Shrishti says if you don’t meet my relations, then do you think I would care. Anirudh says no, so I won’t go. Tanuja says we want you and Arshi to get married in the temple. Anirudh says I didn’t say I won’t marry. Arshi says you did fake marriage once and now you will do a real marriage. Bharat says Lal, we should go and make arrangements. He asks Shrishti to come home. Tanuja says we are going to Shrishti’s house, come along. Anirudh says no, I made the hotel payments, I will stay here. He asks Jhanak to go and prepare for exams. Arshi invites Jhanak and asks will you come. Jhanak says I will come. She goes.

Bablu and Anjana talk about Jhanak. She prays for Jhanak’s safety. Choton says Tejas can’t do anything, but Anirudh and Jhanak are in big trouble, everyone left for Srinagar. Anjana says I know, but Bablu doesn’t know. Bablu asks what happened. Choton says they have gone to insult Jhanak and spoil her exams. He tells everything. Anjana worries. She asks Bablu to call Lal. Choton says Lal won’t tell us anything. Bablu calls Lal. Choton says I m feeling helpless, I should have gone there to help Anirudh, don’t know what problem they are facing, I will go there. Bablu says the flight will be costly. Choton says it doesn’t matter, nothing is imp to me than family, Ani needs me there. He leaves.

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Lal and Bipasha make Anirudh ready for the marriage. She compliments him. He jokes. Jhanak hears them. She thinks I have hurt them a lot, it’s a day of their happiness. Lal and Bipasha praise Arshi. They say you will marry in the same temple, Ani, your old memories of the fake marriage will end. They go. Anirudh thinks of Jhanak and his marriage.

Jhanak also thinks of her marriage. She says it was just a drama, I have to forget everything, what am I doing. Anirudh thinks I m going to do a real marriage, no, its wrong. Bipasha asks Anirudh to have patience, Arshi is getting ready. She says it will be your wedding night today, don’t worry, I will decorate this room well. Anirudh says its not needed. She asks are you sure. He says let it be. She asks why. He says real marriage will happen in Kolkata. Lal says this is real marriage, I think you are shy. She goes to talk to Arshi.

Tanuja and Shrishti make Arshi ready. She talks to Shubh on call. He asks her to hurry up, Bharat is calling them to the temple. Shrishti says your marriage will happen today. Bipasha comes and compliments Arshi. She says I made Anirudh ready, Lal is with him, hurry up now. She says its your wedding night today, Jhanak must know about it. She takes Arshi with her. Shrishti says we are ready. Shubh asks is Jhanak coming. Tanuja says no need, forget her. He says she must see this marriage happening. Anirudh and Arshi compliment each other. Bipasha says he has to wear his pagdi, then see him. Shrishti, Tanuja and Shubh come to meet Jhanak. Shubh says you stayed in our house, Anirudh supported you a lot, won’t you come in his marriage, you should come, Arshi is your cousin sister, won’t you come. Jhanak says no one told me about the timing. Shrishti asks do you want special invitation. Jhanak says I have exams tomorrow. He says you will top in exams. She says I m not so talented, I want to top the exams. Tanuja asks will you come or not, just come, who will see you there. Arshi says you are marrying willingly, right. Anirudh asks what’s this question. She says my heart is with you, I don’t doubt you, I trust you. She asks him for a hug. She hugs him. Anirudh thinks I m not able to hug Arshi. Jhanak keeps her books.

Anirudh says I have fixed Jhanak’s marriage with Rahul. Arshi says I don’t think such girls love one guy. She sees Jhanak and scolds her.