Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi to execute her plan to save Karun

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The boss calls Kashvi and says if she liked the drama. He says we can’t kill you, so kidnapped your son. Kashvi is shocked and says you have a big misunderstanding, and says that boy is not my son. The boss/goon tells that if she thought him foolish and says he has seen the pain in their eyes for each other, and says if anyone helps stranger. He asks her to accept the promotion and then release their partners from jail. He says if you don’t do what I said then I will return him in small pieces. Kashvi warns him and says if anything happens to him, then I will make your small pieces. The goon ends the call. Kashvi says why the goon is thinking Karun as my son, and asks Dadi to go to Govt mess. She says she has to save Karun and goes.

Arjun and Mahima go to PS. Arjun tells everything to Inspector. Inspector asks if they have enmity with someone. Arjun looks at Mahima. Inspector asks if anyone leaves a small boy alone. Mahima asks him not to talk about their flaws, and search their son. Inspector says the boy will be found. Arjun takes Mahima out and tells that he hopes that Karun is not in problem due to her. She says you are raising finger on my motherly love and upbringing. She says she doesn’t tell him, but she has given many sacrifices for them. Arjun asks Mahima if he shall tell her, what has to pay for her mistake and asks her not to talk about sacrifices. He says if anything happens to my son then I will burn the world. Mahima says he is my son also and tells that she will keep mannat. Arjun says he is just 5 years old. Mahima asks him to relax.

Kashvi comes to the dept and tells the officer that she is ready to take up this project. The officer says you was adamant not to take it up. Kashvi says she is taking it for temporary basis and tells him everything about the goons kidnapping Karun. The officer says the goons can stoop low. Kashvi says we have to do this, and tells that if media gets involved then our dept will get bad reputation, and more importantly she don’t want anything to happen to the boy.

She says the goon is the head of child trafficking racket and says if we catch him then will end this permanently. Officer says lets do it. Kashvi tells him that they have to involve the Police dept too, as they shall tell Karun’s parents that Karun will be safe. She says but we can’t keep 100 percent transparency. Arjun asks the Inspector if anything is found. Inspector says yes, and tells him that the kidnappers are talking to Civil dept and a lady officer is negotiating with them. Arjun asks why my son’s kidnapping is related to national security. Inspector says it is a sensitive matter of child kidnapping, so a lady officer is involved. Arjun says he wants to meet her and thanks her. Inspector calls Kashvi, who lets him meet her. Karun tries to fool and escape from kidnappers’ place, but the boss catches him and gets him tied again. Kashvi waits for the goon’s call. The goon calls Kashvi and asks if she has accepted her promotion. Kashvi says yes. The goon says you got power to release the prisoners and asks her to release his 5 partners. Kashvi is shocked and agrees to release them. He asks her to come to him with them. Kashvi ends the call. The officer asks how she can take a foolish decision. Kashvi says we have to do as they say, and can’t risk Karun’s life. She says she has a plan and tells that they will involve the Police team, and tells that she will take the 5 prisoners with her, and just as the exchange is done and Karun reaches her. She will call the Police and get them arrested. The officer says there is a risk in it. Kashvi asks him to trust her and says no mistake will happen and Karun will be saved. She tells that she wants Dadi to be in Police custody in the Police station until she completes the mission. The constable makes Kashvi wear the bullet proof jacket and gives her gun and asks her to use it and don’t hesitate. Kashvi takes it. Peon comes there and says Karun’s father is waiting for you. Arjun comes to Kashvi’s cabin and waits for the officer. Kashvi feels that something big is going to happen. Arjun feels the same.

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Precap: Arjun thinks why the lady officer haven’t come till now. Later in fair, Karun comes running to Arjun. Kashvi sees Arjun as karun’s father.