Anupama 18th November 2023 Written Episode Update


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Anuj asks Anupama why she didn’t call him before if she was so worried. He says he would have come running. Anupama says I know, but I don’t want to trouble you. Anuj says it is not good that you don’t call me to help you. He jokes that if he hadn’t come then she would have thrown roller to their house. Anupama thanks him. Anuj says Baa will be fine. He tells her that Doctor said that he didn’t tell everything infront of Babu ji. He says Baa’s condition is serious and tells that everything will be fine, tomorrow there will be her tests done and we will get her treated. He says we can’t do anything for her worries. Anupama asks about Choti and says you should have rested too. Anuj says he made her sleep and come. He asks if she will have tea or icecream. Anupama says they don’t have icecream in the fridge. He asks if she wants to have it. Babu ji checks Baa’s BP. He holds Baa’s hand and says don’t leave me. He says if anyone has to go then I will leave. He says I want to hear your chik chik in the morning.

Anuj and Anupama are in the kitchen. Anuj grinds milk and fruit and makes Anupama have it. He tells that if not icecream then something close to it. Song plays…Ishq me dube hum toh. Anupama keeps her head on his chest.

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Next day, Anupama and Anuj talk to Doctor. Doctor tells them that Baa’s condition is serious with 70 percent heart blockage. Anuj asks if he recommends surgery? Doctor says surgery is not adviced in this age and says she shall not miss any medicine, else she needs to be hospitalized and proper care. Anupama is shocked. Doctor leaves. Toshu and Kinjal are leaving from the house.

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