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Let me introduce my self

Hi I am Kartik, a Vampire 🦇 but soon i will become a human because I wish to become a human.

I don’t like this life living being scared of water fire and sun light.

I am so bonded due to this life i can’t go out in the day because of sun light.

By the way i love blood . I love its taste and smell.

I am always so thirsty for blood .

It’s my favourite.

I am very powerful and dangerous because I am a Vampire.

But still I feel being a human is a blessing. Humans are so free they don’t have to hide from sunlight. Water is not life threatening for them.

And so i do want to become a human. I desire to live a normal life on earth since childhood and now I am 25 years old.

I can go to any extent for being a human. I could do all hardships for completing my desire.





Kartik’s pov ends.

Dear what are you doing there lonely whom are you talking to come here and listen to me i have to tell you many things – Said Kartik’s mom Somya who was also a Vampire

No mom now please don’t start same things again you have already told me everything in the morning now i am just going to Earth so please bye said Kartik irrateted by his mom’s extra care

Kartik dear all the best and bye and please remember the things which i have told you said the mom in a worried tone.

I will definitely remember you have told me 1000 times that i don’t have to go out in the day . I can only use my powers in night. I will have to be careful from water and fire also. Don’t worry i remember everything and i will be careful stated Kartik.

No Kartik you still don’t remember the most important never trust a human. You are just going on Earth for your freedom and for this freedom you have to drink the blood of A special girl who was born on New Year night at exactly 12 o clock and remember you will find this girl by the smell of her blood so be careful do your task well i just wish your biggest desire of becoming a human comes true said The worried mom in a praying tone.

Mom please don’t get senty i am not a child . I will take care of my self now bye let me go and enjoy my freedom and remember I love you – Kartik says while hugging his mom

Then he opens up his vamp feathers and flies away to the Earth.

Author’s POV –

Actually Kartik is okay with killing someone for his desires because he is a Vampire and since childhood he has been taught that it’s nothing wrong in killing humans for a need of Vampire so he is okay with killing someone . Plus he has always been told that Humans are very bad and selfish ( that’s a fact humans are selfish but not all humans) so that’s why For Kartik killing humans is a very basic thing .

Let’s see what will happen when he goes on Earth .

– Author’s POV end.

The Earth –

It’s exactly 11 o clock at night on Earth.

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It is full dark.

A group of girls and boys are sitting near the fire in a jungle area.

These are college students who are camping at night in the jungle.

Among those students Naira along with her friend Dipika is also there.

Naira’s POV –

O God why did I came along with my college group here it’s so scary jungle how can everyone enjoy here so much.

Dipika shakes Naira.

Hey Naira what are you thinking see the bottle has stopped at you now you choose truth or dare come on says Dipika.

Naira looks at the bottle and says- o ya ya i forgot we were playing this game. So once again truth guys.

No Miss you are choosing truth only since last 3 chances said a boy annoyingly.

Okay but don’t give idiotic dares you all are so mean i know requested Naira.

So your dare is you remember when we were coming here at this place we saw a yellow flower at a place you have to go and find that flower and come back with it A form stated the dare to Naira.

Are you mad saloni this is a jungle i will not go alone anywhere you know na i am scared of dark said Naira angrily.

O miss Scared you don’t have a choice please go it’s a fun game why are you scared you should enjoy babes said Peter in a husky tone.

Shut your shity mouth Peter. Said Naira angrily.

Naira it’s okay it will be fun we all are also doing all the dares then you will have to do it you can’t deny stated Preeta

Okay done i will and now from next time I will never come on trips with you all guys you all are so mean stated Naira angrily.

Naira gets up and goes away in search of flower for completing her dare.

O God this Naira is so feared of every silly thing there is nothing scary in this beautiful jungle stated Kanika.

I know she is so scared of everything she will come back with incomplete dare . But we are her friends we need to end up her fearful nature. We very well know this is a safe place other wise we would have never given her this dare stated Priyank in a caring tone .

By the time Naira comes back let’s dance on song guys requested Nitya.

Off course let’s start the fun.

The college gang plays a song and starts dancing on it .

Guys we don’t have network in this place Will Naira be save na stated Priya in a concerned tone.

Dont worry if she will take long time then i and Monish will go and search for her assured Dev

Guys Monish and Dev please go It’s night time i know there is nothing scary in this jungle but still I fear for Naira please just bring her back it’s too much now stated Dipika in a worried tone.


Monish and Dev goes away .


So tell me guys how’s the

  1. chapter.

Are your friends also so good like these college friend group?

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