Sorab Bedi’s Inspirational Journey: From Modest Beginnings to Television Stardom

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Talented actor Sorab Bedi has been captivating audiences on television screens with his role in the popular TV show “Chand Jalne Laga.” Beyond his on-screen presence, Sorab’s transformation from humble beginnings to a sought-after face in modeling and television stands as an inspiring narrative that embodies hard work and determination.

Reflecting on his journey, Sorab recounts, “Back in 2017, after completing my education, I started working in a call center earning a monthly salary of 7000. Receiving my first paycheck was emotional; it marked a significant moment as I had never seen that amount in my account before. Driven by my passion for acting and modeling, I ventured from Gurgaon to Delhi, finding success in modeling, working with international brands and magazines.”

Transitioning to Mumbai, Sorab, encouraged by his brother Ram, a renowned actor, decided to explore acting. Enduring numerous auditions, his persistence paid off when he landed his debut role in the TV serial “Chand Jalne Laga” on Colors channel, portraying the character of Raunak. Sorab expresses gratitude for this journey, acknowledging the transformation from earning 7k to achieving considerable success in a single month as a testament to hard work and determination.

Sorab’s resilience and dedication propelled him from fashion show runways and high-profile brand campaigns to becoming a household name in television. His story stands as an inspiration for aspiring actors, highlighting the significance of perseverance and self-belief in the competitive entertainment industry.

Currently shining in “Chand Jalne Laga,” Sorab Bedi is set to make his music debut in Ammy Gill’s upcoming music Lagda Nahi alongside Shweta Shardha. Additionally, he has been featured in prominent TV commercials for renowned brands like Amazon, Skechers, Pantaloons, Ajio, alongside walking ramps for esteemed designers and gracing Lakme Fashion Week.”

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