Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Paresh proposes Sayali and Tejas’ marriage

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Udne Ki Aasha 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sayali seeing Sachin troubling a lady and emptying her house. She gets angry and says Sachin is so insensitive. Sachin scolds the lady. He says I have made this house to get rent. The lady says pity my kids. Sachin says no way. The director says cut… Sachin says I did good, right. The director says good job. Sachin says Pakya called me here for the role, thanks. He leaves.

Principal comes home. His wife says peon has sent the maid, she is hard working. He says give her extra money and food to keep her on work. Sayali comes. He sees her and says you…. Sayali begs him. She says I had no other way, take Dilip back to college. He says I can’t put the students’ future in risk. She says I guarantee, he won’t do anything wrong again, please. He asks didn’t you study. She says I had to leave studied due to poverty, I understand the imp of education. His daughter says agree to her, she is doing a lot for her brother, everyone has a right on education. He says Dilip is lucky to get a sister like you, send him to college tomorrow. Sayali says thanks. He asks what do you do. Sayali says I have a flower stall and food stall also. He says then you don’t need to work here. She asks why, take Dilip back to college. He says you don’t need to work here permanently, it will be tough, just come till my daughter is here. Sayali says okay. He says explain Dilip, if he does anything wrong then I will expel him. She says sure, thanks. She smiles.

Sayali works at the stall and misses Alok. She hurts her finger. Shubha cries and does the aid. She asks her to take care. Dilip comes and says I m going to college. Sayali says you make a new start now, understand your responsibilities. Juhi cries. Shubha asks them to have the juice. Sayali says we will live happy for dad’s sake. They all go. The goons come. Goon says your dad passed away, you are a cheater, you are running a stall in this age, I can’t see you in trouble, if you have any problem then I m there with you. She says I will not take any money on loan. He holds her hand. Paresh and Kishor come there and look on. Sayali asks the goon to leave her. He pulls her dupatta. Kishor stops Paresh. Goon splashes water at Sayali. He says I will see who marries you, you lost your dad, I will make your life hell here, you learn to be with me, this was just a trailer. Shubha comes and gets worried. The goon leaves. Shubha hugs Sayali. They cry. Paresh says when a family loses a father, then evil people surround them. Paresh goes home and recalls everything. Its morning, Renu talks to the broker about Tejas’ marriage. Tejas comes. Paresh says I want to talk about marriage, I have found a girl. Renu asks what. Paresh says her name is Sayali, she is Alok’s daughter, I want to do something and reform her life. Renu asks will you marry her. Paresh says I want to get her married to Tejas. They get shocked.

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Tejas laughs. Paresh says they are helpless, try to understand, I have sworn to help them. Renu says we don’t know anything about her. Paresh says she has a flower stall outside the temple, she has good values. They ask what. Paresh says there is nothing to be ashamed of, Tejas will be happy with her. Tejas says no. Renu says you don’t do injustice with Tejas, no way. Tejas says I won’t marry her. Renu argues with Paresh.

She says my dad gave us this house, else we would have struggled, Tejas will get married in a rich household, he will get financial support. Paresh says I got Tejas educated to make him independent, you explain this to Tejas, ask him to do a good job. Tejas asks him to grow up. Sachin comes and scolds Tejas. He says I m with dad. Paresh says Renu, I have always listened to you so that you stay happy, I won’t listen to anyone in this matter, Sayali will become bahu of this house.
Sayali and Sachin meet again. She argues. Goons kidnap her. Sachin comes to save her.