Aankh Micholi 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Rukmani confronts Bakula and Sonal

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The Episode starts with Piyush and Arvind walking to home and talking about Rukmani. Piyush sees a tea seller and thinks did Rukmani talk to Sumedh about her dreams. Rukmani gets angry on Bakula and Sonal, and tells about Sumedh. She cries. Sumedh says you used to ask me to complete education, education is imp, Prisha should study. Kesar says I have no problem with her education, she could have told me about the party, I would have arranged party for her friends, but she lied and stayed out of the house at night, if a girl’s respect gets a stain then it doesn’t get off. Rukmani says my Sasural locks girls’ dreams and wishes in a safe. She scolds Bakula for cheating her. Bakula and Sonal cry.

Sonal says I can understand your pain. Rukmani asks really. She throws the hair wig at her. She scolds Sonal. She says you cheated me, you hate me so much. Kesar says Prisha is like my daughter, I have to control her. Sumedh says we will pay exam fees and then see later. She says you start saving money for your children, leave Prisha’s matter to me. Bakula says I did this for Arvind and your betterment, I have lied for the sake of his happiness. Sumedh says please, I will take Prisha for the exams, I want everyone to stay happy. Kesar says go and pick Rukmani from her Maayka. Rukmani says I have to bear your lie all my life. She puts garlands on her pic and talks to her mum’s pic. She says your Rukmani has died. Sonal says don’t react like we have pushed you in a hell. Rukmani says I don’t know. She tells about the Sasural’s bad things. Arvind says come, Rukmani might have come. Sonal says dad is going for heart surgery today, we can send him for treatment without any stress, please. Rukmani smiles and says I look good, right.

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Arvind and Piyush come home. He hugs Rukmani. He says I m going for operation today, I will drink tea today, I feel proud seeing you married, I m happy you got a good sasural. Piyush gets the tea. Arvind and Rukmani drink the tea. He says I will get fine and come back soon. Sumedh comes there. Rukmani turns away. Arvind welcomes Sumedh.

Rukmani puts ghunghat and goes. Arvind asks Sumedh to come. He talks about Rukmani. Piyush goes to talk to Rukmani. He says we will talk to Sumedh and explain him. She says no, I want dad’s happiness, I have no complains with you, everyone has their own reasons to lie.

He gives her a gift. Arvind comes. She asks him to come back soon, she needs him. Piyush and Arvind leave. Rukmani says I have to make Bakula’s lie true. She wears the hair wig and applies sindoor. Arvind and Piyush leave. Sumedh says this gift packing look amazing, lets check it. He sees Rukmani’s IPS photo. He says its your photo in IPS uniform. Bakula and Sonal worry.
Shivani asks Rukmani to have thandai. Rukmani dances with Sumedh. Kesar stops Rukmani. She cries and says I didn’t take any drugs. Sumedh defends Rukmani and scolds Jamkudi.