Udaariyaan 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Alia get arrested

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Udaariyaan 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan missing to see Aasma at the Gurudwara. They both help in cooking work. They recall each other’s words. She turns. He leaves. Alia asks what are you saying, please don’t leave me, I love you a lot, I waited for this day. Harleen says I got peace, you go back to India and tell your sorrow to Ekam and Nehmat, they should know they were wrong and you are also wrong, get lost. Alia says no. Harleen drags her out of the house. Armaan and Aasma don’t see each other. Kabir speaks to Harleen. He says I m Aasma’s friend, I can’t see anyone doing wrong with them. She asks him not to spare Armaan and Alia. He says don’t worry, I will see them. Armaan turns and sees Aasma. He rushes to her. Police comes and says you are under arrest for illegal entry in Canada. Armaan says no, I have my passport and visa. Aasma says Armaan and runs… She prays to get strength to forget Armaan. Alia recalls Harleen’s words. Police comes there and arrests Alia. Alia asks what have I done. Kabir comes to Aasma and asks what are you doing. Aasma says I felt Armaan is here. He says no, come fast, we will miss the flight. Alia looks for her passport. Aasma doesn’t see Armaan. Kabir recalls taking Armaan and Alia’s passports. He trashes it and says those who do wrong with Aasma, I will never forgive them. Alia says don’t arrest me, please. Harleen looks on. She says you will go to Canada jail, because you are Nehmat’s daughter, you have made my Aasma cry a lot, go and bear your punishment. Kabir says I feel bad, please have some coffee. Aasma sits crying.

Alia argues with the inspector. She gets jailed. She says Aasma, you did wrong with me, you have snatched everything from me, my Armaan, I will never forgive you, the day I come out of jail, I will make your life hell. She screams. Armaan says I don’t care for anything, I want to meet Aasma and apologize. He says please, just one call. Inspector shows a token and throws it. Armaan runs to get it. The jail inmates stop Armaan. Armaan says I have hurt my wife and cheated her, please let me take the token and make a call to her. Alia gets mad in anger. She says Aasma is my sister, what she did with me, she has to pay a price for it, I will never forgive her. She shouts. The inspector scolds her. Alia sits crying and says Armaan… how can you leave me. The jail inmates ask Armaan to clean the place. Armaan says okay. He cleans the place.

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He says I didn’t get a chance to tell you everything and apologize, I can’t live this way, I want to talk to you once. Aasma and Kabir come back to Moga. She recalls Armaan’s words. Armaan sits tired. He imagines Aasma. The man says go and clean the place, you want to talk to her, right. Armaan continues the work. Aasma imagines Armaan. Kabir asks her to sleep. She says stop the car. She gets down the car. She feels breathless. Kabir calls her out. She cries.

Armaan recalls Aasma’s words. Aasma asks Minty where is Deepak. Minty says he is fine, Biji took him to Gurudwara, you look worried, what happened. Aasma says I m tired, we will talk later. Kabir goes to Aasma. Aasma drops the bag on his foot and says sorry Armaan. He says you are taking his name, he cheated on you, what’s wrong, that disgusting man… She says just shut up, I don’t want to hear anything against him. He asks why, you have signed divorce papers, he isn’t your husband now, why, did you go mad, you have lost your identity, I know why you are remembering him, its because of this mangalsutra, remove it. She slaps him. He leaves. She sits crying.

The episode ends