Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakuntala tries to defame Kesar and provokes Suraj

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Babu telling that they were searching this girl since 20 years forgetting their families, and now they will get so much money from Queen. Suraj comes to room and thinks Kesar is sleeping on the bed. He closes the door and comes to the bed, and keeps his hand on the pillow which is kept on the bed as if she is sleeping. Ansh tells aarti that they were fighting on social media and right now they are having coffee. Aarti thanks him for dropping her home last night. Ansh asks why she is running away from the fiancé, and asks her to refuse for the marriage. Aarti recalls Shakuntala’s threat. Ansh says if you want then I will talk to your family. Aarti asks if they ask who are you, then what you will say. Ansh says enemy, and tells that he has many friends, but has one enemy. Kiran looks at them from outside using binocular and tells Moksh on call that he will take this guy’s life for talking to their would be wife. Aarti says for the first time, two enemies are sitting together and talking. Ansh says he is getting late and has to go home. He says he will drop her home and they leave from there. Kiran thinks next time, if he is seen near aarti, then he will make his blood flows in the gutter.

Babu and the goons are starting the jeep, when Kabir gets up and fights with them. Babu says you can’t take Kesar from here. He holds his neck. Kabir beats Babu and others. He thinks he has to take Kesar away from here, before they get up. He lifts Kesar and starts running. Babu and his goons get up, and starts chasing them. Kabir shouts Kesar as she falls down from his hands. Suraj pulls the blanket and finds Kesar missing. He shouts Kabir…Kabir lifts Kesar and walks to a distance. He asks Kesar to open her eyes. He finds her dress stitching opened and makes her wear his jacket. Suraj thinks Kesar is flying high and tells that he will catch her with Kabir and then expose Kesar and will cut her feathers. Kabir thinks whom to inform and calls Shakuntala, asking her to inform Ambika that he is stuck with Kesar in the jungle, and she is unconscious due to Datura seeds. Shakuntala asks him to lift her feet, so that she gains consciousness. Kabir ends the call. Shakuntala tells her husband that she will defame Kesar’s respect and Ambika will have no option than to get her married to Kabir. Janardhan says it is wrong. Shakuntala asks him to be light lipped. Suraj comes there and asks where is Kabir? Shakuntala tells that Kabir called and said that they are stuck in jungle, and they are alone. She says how they went there, what they were doing there. Suraj gets angry with her provocative words.

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Kesar gains consciousness and asks Kabir, how did she reach here, and says she don’t remember anything? She asks why my head is heavy? Kabir says some goons have kidnapped you, and I followed them and saved you. Kesar asks him to take her from there. Kabir asks her not to worry and tells that goons are not here. Kesar says you have saved me again. She sees his jacket on her. Kabir tells that her kurta was torn so he made her wear it. Kesar says she trusts him and says she knows that he is her savior and can’t do anything wrong. Suraj comes home with Shakuntala. Shakuntala cries. Suraj shouts calling Ambika and tells that Kesar has affair with Kabir, she had went to meet him and then. Ambika stops him and says words are like arrow and asks him to think before saying. Suraj says Kesar is breaking your swear. Jinal, Hetal and Jayati tell that Kesar can’t do this even in her dreams. Suraj asks why she is not here now. Ambika says she is sleeping in her room.

Suraj says she is pretending to be sleeping, and tells that the pillows are covered with blanket, and says truth is that she has fooled us and eloped with Kabir. Everyone is shocked. He says Kesar has betrayed your upbringing and our trust. Shakuntala says one young girl and guy are missing and says don’t know what is happening? Ambika says enough and says I trust Kesar fully and even trust Kabir. She tells that Shakuntala dislikes Kesar. Everyone tells that Shakuntala tried to ruin her respect before also. Shakuntala says my son is with Kesar. Ambika asks how did you know? Suraj says Kabir called her and said. Ambika says Kabir had saved Kesar 8 years back, and says Kabir might have went to save her. She scolds Shakuntala for making fake stories and provoking Suraj. She asks Suraj to go and search Kesar, and says she is your responsibility. Babu says if we don’t get Kesar, then Queen will not leave us. Queen calls Babu and says he got the house decorated as his gudiya is coming. He asks if you are bringing Kesar. Babu says yes. Queen threatens him if he don’t bring her.

Kesar tells Kabir that Masu might be worried and says I wish I could tell her. Her slipper breaks. Kabir asks her to wear his shoe. Kesar says your feet will be injured with thorn. She takes the plant climber and ties her slipper with it. Kabir appreciates her intelligence. Kesar asks him to see how to go out from here and asks about the kidnappers. Babu and other goons see them.

Precap: The goons come infront of Kesar and Kabir. Shakuntala recollects and tells Commissioner that they are in Junargarh highway jungle. Baa gives blessings to Ambika to search Kesar and gives her trishul in her hand.