Udaariyaan 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Simmi traps Armaan and Aasma

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Udaariyaan 3rd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Simmi coming to call Armaan and Shampy. Aasma goes out. Simmi thinks something is wrong, is this Shampy Aasma. She says we will take Haniya along then Aasma will pick her. They go home. Aasma gets milk for the kids. Armaan and Sukhi ask Aasma to go home. Simmi stops her. She says sorry, I can’t let you go, take rest here, I will get medicine for you. Armaan and Sukhi worry. Simmi gets the medicine. She says you will get fine. Sukhi says let him go, he is fine. Simmi says we will take care of him, he saved Meher’s life. Aasma says as you say. Simmi thinks I have to see how Shampy and Aasma come together. She calls Aasma. Aasma worries. Her phone rings. Sukhi says Hobby is calling me, I will talk later. Simmi says Aasma didn’t take the call. She thinks when will Aasma come and how. Aasma comes wearing a mask. Simmi looks on.

Simmi removes Aasma’s mask. She thinks how can this happen. Armaan is in Simmi’s get up. Aasma hugs Simmi and takes her locket. She gives another locket to Simmi. Simmi asks Shampy to come. Armaan plays the audio recording. Simmi goes to see him. Sukhi says he isn’t fine, even then he is working. He asks Shampy to finish the work. He asks Simmi to take care of Meher first. Simmi goes. Aasma checks the locket and sees Meher’s pic. She says I have fixed a camera in her locket, we will know everything she does. The kids come and ask about Simmi. They say just make Simmi away from here, we will stay together. Armaan says we will send her soon. He hugs the kids. Simmi takes the pendrive and replaces it. She recalls Armaan’s words. Armaan and Aasma look on. Armaan recalls seeing Simmi and changing the pendrive before. Aasma stumbles. He holds her. They strike their heads. He says why is Simmi after my designs. Aasma says we will know it.

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She checks Simmi’s location on the phone app. They follow Simmi to some place. Armaan and Aasma look for Simmi in the dark place. The lights get on. They get shocked seeing Simmi. She recalls seeing Armaan in Shampy’s disguise. She says you thought I will get trapped, I have got you both here, you will be here as my guest until I work out my plan. Armaan asks what do you want. Simmi says I will spoil your mind.

Simmi wears the headphones and plays loud sound to trouble Armaan and Aasma. They shut their ears and shout. She says you guys deserve this. She laughs. She gets some guy to Armaan’s room and asks him to hack the files. The kids ask what are you doing here. Simmi faints them. She says no one can stop me now. Armaan and Aasma’s ears bleed. They hold each other and say I won’t let anything happen to you. They tie the dupatta cloth to each other’s head. Aasma calls Sukhi and tells him everything. He is shocked. Aasma faints.

Sukhi and everyone stop Simmi and that guy. He says we won’t let you go so easily. Simmi smiles. The goons enter the house with guns. They catch the family. Armaan and Aasma get up. He says Sukhi didn’t come till now, did he stop Simmi from fleeing. Simmi comes there with the goons, and points the gun at them. She says surprise, you can’t flop my plan. They ask about the family. Simmi says stay silent and come with me if you want to know about the family.

The episode ends