Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Heer faints on seeing her face.

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The doctor carefully removes Heer’s bandages. Jeet reassures Heer that she’ll be okay soon. When the doctor unveils Heer’s face, everyone is stunned. Overwhelmed, Jeet leaves the room, unable to comprehend the change in Heer’s appearance. He questions the doctor, unable to accept that the person before him is Heer.

The doctor explains that they had to reconstruct her face to save her life, emphasizing that their priority was Heer’s health. Jeet struggles to come to terms with the transformation, feeling like the face he had envisioned is now different. Teji reminds Jeet to consider Heer’s feelings and how she’ll cope with this change. The doctor advises everyone to act normal around Heer and prevent her from seeing her own face to avoid shock. Teji emphasizes the importance of supporting Heer through this difficult time.

Heer asks Jeet what happened, mentioning that they didn’t leave once they saw he was alright. Jeet assures her that everything will return to normal soon.

Heer attributes the accident to Jarnail’s intentions to harm her, but Jeet assures her that Jarnail is no longer a threat. He urges her to rest until she fully recovers. Jeet is deeply affected by Heer’s altered appearance, feeling distant from her. Meanwhile, Jarnail receives news of Heer’s condition and plans to exploit her shock upon seeing her new face.

Rajvinder instructs Teji and Jass to arrange refreshments. In the ICU, Rajvinder accidentally drops a tray, prompting Heer to pick it up. Jeet overhears Heer’s voice and turns to see her. Rajvinder urges Heer to pick up the tray, and when Heer catches a glimpse of her reflection, she is shocked. Desperate to see her own face, Heer leaves the ICU, causing concern among her family members.

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As Heer searches for a mirror, Jeet follows her, pleading with her to stop. Heer gazes into a mirror and is devastated by her changed appearance, insisting that it’s not her face. Despite reassurances from her family, Heer faints from the shock of her altered appearance.

Precap: Everyone in Heer’s room. Sartaj says I think qe should let Heer take some rest. Heer asks Jeet why are you sitting here, you should go and take rest. Jeet in shock thinks why is she saying this did she forgot we got married. Teji says to Heer this is your and Jeet’s room you both got married, you are husband and wife.