Udaariyaan 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Aasma gets badly trapped

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The Episode starts with Armaan leaving. Alia smiles. Aasma talks to Armaan on video call. He says I m sure, Zaid will accept everyone soon, look, I have worn pink shirt today. Aasma says you are a handsome hunk. He says yes, we are parents of two kids. She says I m liking it. He asks what did the doctor say. She says I will send the reports, focus on your studies, I want to see you become a big automobile businessman. Rano asks why would Aasma go with us today for checkup. Baby gets the juice and says feed it to Aasma, she will get dizzy after having this. Rano asks Alia to feed it to Aasma. Alia says no, Bua ji, you do it. Baby says Aasma will trust Rano, go now. Rano goes to Aasma and acts sweet. She asks her to have juice. Aasma asks Alia to have it. Baby signs no to Alia. Aasma insists Alia. Alia says we will do one thing, we will share it. Aasma says okay. She drinks it. Alia drops the glass and says there is no good thing written in my fate. Aasma says no, I will make fresh juice for you. Alia gets happy. Baby says don’t get overfriendly with me. Rano and Baby go and see Aasma. Aasma gets dizzy. Rano says we will go for checkup, come, else I will keep worrying. They come to the hospital. Aasma says this isn’t my regular hospital. Baby makes an excuse. Alia says take Aasma for checkup. Baby recalls bribing the doctor for Aasma’s abortion. Aasma says no, I feel restless here. Rano says trust us, come. Armaan thinks of Aasma. He worries. He says I should have not left Aasma in that state.

He calls Armaan. Alia takes Aasma. He calls Rano and asks for Aasma. Baby signs Rano. Rano lies. He says ask Aasma to call me. Rano says yes, don’t worry. The doctor says dizziness isn’t a good sign in pregnancy, we have to do sonography. Aasma worries. She sees Matarani and prays. A procession goes. Aasma calls Armaan. He answers the call. She faints. Rano asks are we going wrong. Baby says no, Aasma doesn’t know that its someone else’s child, we are doing her good. Rano says but we can tell her. Baby says no, she won’t agree. Alia looks on and says Armaan and Aasma will never have their baby, Rano and Bua ji don’t know that they are working on my plan, it’s a lie that Aasma is carrying Murtasim’s child, I have made this true, Aasma doesn’t know what they are doing.

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Aasma dreams of some people following her and her baby calling out for help. She gets up. She asks the doctor to leave her. Nurses try to catch her. Baby says its happening good, Murtasim’s bad blood won’t come in our family. Aasma comes and holds Baby. She says they are forcibly doing my abortion, take me home. Baby and Alia take her back. Aasma says that way. Baby says come with me. Aasma says please, what are you doing. She sees Rano and runs to her. She asks Rano to take her. Rano says we are doing this for your betterment. Aasma is shocked. She recalls Rano’s lies. She shouts its Armaan’s child. Rano slaps her and says stop lying, you think we are mad, we don’t understand, its Murtasim’s baby, we are already raising his son, you don’t want Armaan to have a child. Aasma says its Armaan’s baby. Rano says we know, we have seen DNA report. Aasma asks what report. Baby says your pregnancy report has one month ago date, you were in Hyderkot, this is Murtasim’s child. Aasma says no, its Armaan’s child, just a mother can say about the baby’s father. Baby says you had no memory that time. Aasma says I will get the DNA test done again, and prove it, its Armaan’s child. Alia says reports will change, do something. Baby says we don’t do it, this baby won’t come in this world. Aasma calls Armaan. He is in class. Rano asks Aasma to keep the phone. Doctor gets an injection. Aasma goes to hit the doctor. Rano gets hit. Baby is shocked.

The episode ends