Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Arjun saves Kashvi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Adi confronts Arjun for changing his get up and staying in his house, and says my wife and mother used to stay alone and says don’t know what you would have done with them. Arjun asks him to shut up and tells that he respects Kashvi and Sushma aunty. He says he takes this disguise to protect Kashvi from Aman. He says who would have protected you when you had gone to Hyderabad. Kashvi asks him not to give excuses. She pulls Micky’s wig and gets shocked. Arjun says Aman tried to kill you and that bomb was for Sushma aunty, and tells that he did what he thought right. Kashvi says my husband is there to take care of me and I myself are capable to save myself. Arjun says he has no controlled on his feelings and says I told you already, and now telling infront of you all, and says I love you. He says if you dont want to be with me then its ok, I will live with one sided love. Kashvi asks him to leave from there. Arjun says I will do what I wanted to do, and asks her to stop him if he can. Arjun and Micky come there. Mahima comes behind and asks why did he betray her? Arjun says if I had money then I would have thrown on your face to get the divorce. He says aftetr whatever she did, he dont want to see her, just get out. They leave.

Arjun and Micky come to the reporter and tells that he needs to catch a criminal Aman Arora and asks him to publish the news that they want Aman either dead or alive. Senior officer calls Arjun and tells that this is his transfer papers and he has to report in kanpur office. Arjun thinks he will not go.

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Kashvi and Dadi come out to have chaat. Arjun is watching them for their safety. Aman looks at her and says I had sent bomb, but Momw as hurt. He says nobody can save you from Aman now. He shoots at Kashvi, but Arjun comes running and saves her. He recalls seeing Aman. Micky asks who has fired the bullet. Arjun asks Kashvi if she is fine. Kashvi says yes and asks who fired the bullet. Arjun says Aman. Kashvi asks Aman? Arjun says you dont believe me now and asks her to see Aman who is sitting there. Kashvi sees Aman. She ties her saree pallu cloth to Arjun. Arjun asks her to go home and tells that he will catch Aman. Kashvi says she will also catch him. Micky takes Dadi from there. They run behind Aman. Aman fools Arjun. Kashvi and Arjun see the dead end, and wonder where did Aman go? Aman comes infront of them and says you are trapped and both will die. Arjun asks what Kashvi has done with you. Aman says Kashvi has ruined my life, she gave Advertisement in newspaper to catch me dead or alive. Kashvi says I didn’t do anything. Arjun says I gave the Advertisement.

Aman tells them that he didnt kill Nisha and didn’t send bomb to kill Kashvi. He says you declared me guilty without talking to me. Kashvi says we shall sit and talk. He says both of you will die, and first of all, I will kill Kashvi. someone shoots at Aman’s chest. Arjun and Kashvi are shocked.

Precap: Arjun asks Doctor about Aman’s autopsy report. Doctor says he has many marks of surgery on his face. Arjun tries to stop his transfer in vain. Kashvi tells Arjun that it is good that he is going and shall never return.