Udaariyaan 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kabir meets Aasma and Armaan

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The Episode starts with Armaan taking care of Aasma. They have a moment. Alia is angry recalling Armaan and Aasma. She stops the car. Armaan asks Aasma to come with him. He helps her go to washroom. Aasma smiles. She slips by stepping on a soap and shouts Armaan. He comes inside and holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. They get close to kiss. He asks are you okay. She says yes, I stepped on a soap, you are there to handle me. He lifts her and takes her to the bed. He goes out and says I love Alia, this is wrong. Alia says he didn’t call me, he is with Aasma. Armaan says I have to take Aasma to Canada, how shall I do this, how shall I tell Aasma and family, I can’t do wrong with Alia.

Alia gets shocked seeing Sukhi with Ekam and family. Sukhi says I want to forget our past and become your friend. Ekam says you aren’t the Sukhi Gill I know. Sukhi says I m the same Sukhi Gill, Aasma has taught me to spend life in making friends and not enemies, she has changed me, she has brought peace in my family. Ekam recalls Aasma’s words. Sukhi says Aasma brought Alia to our house. Ekam asks what. Sukhi says you weren’t at home, Alia met with an accident. Ekam asks what. Nehmat asks Alia, did you get hurt. Ekam asks why didn’t you tell us. Sukhi says don’t worry, Aasma took good care of her, ask Alia if you don’t believe me. Alia says I was going to tell you, but…. I was scared. Rupy says its good, enmity has ended. He laughs. He praises Aasma.

Sukhi says you are elder, you have to forgive me and come to my home for Navratri puja, Aasma has kept Dandiya program, Alia’s age is also of marriage, you might be finding a guy for her, tell me if you need any help. He asks Alia to drop him outside. Alia goes with him. Sukhi scolds her. He says I didn’t intend to tell them about your Dunki, I don’t need to do this, I have seen Armaan’s true love for Aasma, I m sure that he will forget everything and move on in life, he isn’t educated, but he isn’t less, he has Aasma with him, now I don’t worry for him, you see what you want to do with your life. He leaves.

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Gauri Maa comes home. Baby says I worry for Armaan. Gauri says coming time is troubling for Armaan, I can see the threat on his life. Rano asks Gauri to help her. Gauri says there will be a solution. Armaan thinks Aasma loves me. He worries. Gauri tells the rituals to Aasma and asks her to perform the puja. Aasma says I will do. Baby asks Gauri to give some other solution. Aasma says I will do anything for Armaan’s safety.

Its morning, Aasma goes to perform the rituals and enters the lake. She comes out of the lake and feels dizzy. She comes home. She slips. A guy holds her. She sees him and smiles. She says Kabir, when did you come. He says Aasma, are you okay. Aasma says yes, I had gone to do a puja. Armaan comes and sees them. He asks what’s all this. Kabir scolds him. He says if the puja was imp, then you should have done it. Aasma stops him. Armaan says Kabir is saying right, Raja told me that you went for puja. Baby looks on. Aasma sys I did what was right, I was happy to see Kabir, I thought to show pind to Kabir, but no, I can’t respect you if you can’t respect my husband and family, please leave. Kabir says sorry, I didn’t know I will see you like this. He introduces himself to Armaan and says I m her childhood friend, I think I have made you my enemy. Armaan says its okay, I m Armaan Gill. They hug. Kabir asks Aasma to take him inside the house. Armaan asks him to come. She says no. Armaan says guest is a Lord’s avatar. She asks Kabir not to tell anything to anyone, its her Sasural. Kabir says as you wish. Baby thinks Kabir’s entry in their lives might bring a storm.

The episode ends